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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Not all that glitters is gold

From the People Who Brought You Portal Personality Sphere Jewelry: Mass Effect Rings

Look familiar, Mass Effect fans?

How about now?

Okay, now you have to get it:

That’s right, it’s the visor of Garrus Varkarian, number one bro of Commander Shepard of the Alliance Navy. Well, I say bro. Sometimes he’s more than a bro. It all depends on how flexible you are.

But even if you aren’t a big fan of the Chaotic Good Turian, if you’re a fan of the series you almost certainly can appreciate these rings based on the design of the series’ thermal clips (ammunition, basically) and the arm mounted omni-tool interface.

All of these pieces are available for very reasonable prices from Ammnra’s Shapeways account.

(via Dance with Zombies)

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  • Ashe

    Aah, these are so snazzy! 

  • Duann Scott

    awesome, thanks for sharing

  • Anonymous

    I would ask my boyfriend to propose to me with the Garrus ring, but he was super jelly of my human/turian relationship as it is.

  • Anonymous

    Welp.  Garrus’ voice actor just linked this on his FB page.  I guess these folks can count on some ring orders!

  • マーティン コンポシュ

    where can I get these? I want to buy the N7 one for my brother! He’s a reeeaaaaally big mass effect fan