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The CW Is Developing a Teen Drama About Mary, Queen of Scots. Bzuh?

Writer/executive producers Laurie McCarthy and Stephanie SenGupta are developing a historical drama on Mary, Queen of Scots that just got sold to… the CW?

Deadline describes the yet-unnamed series as “Game Of Thrones meets Marie Antoinette— if Marie Antoinette had a girl posse and was coming of age as a warrior queen. It’s about the secret history of survival at French Court amidst fierce foes, dark forces, and a world of sexual intrigue.”

Huh. I admit to not being all too up-to-date on the CW’s lineup, but does this strike anyone else as being better fitted to HBO or Showtime? What will a CW Game of Thrones/Marie Antoinette fusion even look like? Granted, the show is set during Mary’s teenage years, before her return to Scotland, meaning most of the particularly violent events of her life—being widowed twice over, being raped and then forced to marry her rapist (though historians disagree on that, I should note), being imprisoned for eighteen and a half years, being executed—would just be a particularly awful epilogue. But still… the CW?

My mind is awash with questions right now. Is this just going to be Gossip Girl in fancier dresses? Does the network even have the resources to pull off a large-scale costume drama? Will the tragedy that eventually befell Mary be addressed? Should it be? Should I give this a shot when it comes out?

I’ll be honest. I have no idea what to think right now.

(via: Deadline)

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  • Selkiechick

    When I heard CW I was thinking more Gossip Girls in Corsets, too… which if you want to focus on social maneuvering, backstabbing, seduction, betrayal etc. it might be an interesting watch. (though I have low expectations for it not being rape-y)
    As a history nerd, you could observe that royal courts are just a screwed up, claustrophobia inducing and cliquish as any high school…. with MUCH higher stakes. It could be fun… though I think a limited series would be better than a longer run, for the reasons you mentioned.

    I just have this vain hope…. if you are going to have a historical where people get naked a lot… get the underwear right. (Yes, Tudors… I am looking at YOU)

  • brooke welty

    Warrior Queen? Seriously?

  • WonderScott

    It’s essentially “Gossip Queen” then. Could be interesting, it’s not anything different from the formula of their other programs.

    As long as they focus on getting Amazon right.

  • John Wao

    I just love when networks invoke a premium cable channel when describing their show. As if they’re going to even remotely come close to emulating what HBO does with Game of Thrones. Or what Showtime does with The Borgias. Good one CW….

  • Tina

    I’d wager it’s CW material because of the age of the characters. CW’s demographic is largely teens and early 20s (though this 30-something watches a number of shows).

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I don’t know, maybe the CW will surprise us by having Mary decapitate a horse and then eat its heart?

  • Anonymous

    So they’ll focus on her teenage years….before her life got interesting. Of course.

  • Anonymous

    OK not being American i have no idea what the CW is, but I’m guessing this will be more of a sexy Tudors aimed at teenagers than something with any historical accuracy… And I hated TheTudors (he was a ginger goddamnit! HENRY WAS A GINGER!!)
    I’ll refer y’all to Kate Beaton

  • Anonymous
  • Jenna Christensen

    The CW has surprised me with a few gems. Maybe not a few, because I can only think of Veronica Mars and Supernatural, but I plan on giving Arrow a shot too (sorry about the pun). I guess I don’t assume something is bad because it’s on the CW anymore. (even though that may be a fair assumption 93% of the time). As of now I’ll keep an open mind, but I won’t hold out for much.

  • Anna

    But if it’s The CW, there won’t be people getting naked a lot.

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Agreed. I don’t want to assume it’ll be bad because it’s on the CW, and I’ve heard Gossip Girl can get pretty risque, so this might not play down the unsavory aspects of her early life TOO much. But what gets me is the costume drama aspect. You need a big budget to do something like that well. And CW’s never really tried something like that before. But, like I said, I’m not going to discount it outright.

  • Milady Jenevere

    I think Stephen Fry said it right: The short answer is no. The LONG answer is FUCK, no. Warrior queen?? Er, no. And I hate to break it to CW’s younger demographic, but… this one automatically comes with a downer ending, and you can’t spin it aaaany other way.