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Bloody Good Fun

Marion Cotillard And Michael Fassbender To Star In An Extremely Attractive Version of Macbeth

Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth? I never knew I wanted it until it happened.

The actress is replacing Natalie Portman, who was originally going to play the scheming Queen. There’s no word on why Portman’s no longer involved, but I don’t even care, because Marion Cotillard! She’s brilliant at scheming and crazy! It’s perfect. She’ll be acting alongside Michael Fassbender, who’s been attached to play Macbeth from the beginning. No other actors have been cast yet, but we do know the film is being directed by relative newcomer Justin Kurzel and produced by the team behind The King’s Speech and Shame.

A previous report implies that this new adaptation will pretty much be a normal, if “visceral,” Shakespeare adaptation, with the Bard’s “original linguistic stylings” and a few “significant battle scenes.” So we’re not looking at a wacky Scotland, Pa.-type adaptation, where Macbeth is a fast foot employee, Lt. Macduff is Christopher Walken, and one of the witches is Andy Dick.

Hey Marion. Do you think you could give your The Dark Knight Rises co-star Anne Hathaway a call about appearing in the film, too? You already have Talia al Ghul and Magneto; Catwoman being there too can’t hurt. Plus she’s the reincarnated version of Shakespeare’s wife, also named Anne Hathaway, so it’s only fitting. Hey, I have to work a stupid Anne Hathaway joke into every Shakespeare post I write. It is known.

(via: Deadline)

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  • Emma

    I’m giggling like a schoolgirl; I’ve been waiting for a new Shakespeare tragedy movie! Definitely going to see this instead of Romeo and Juliet.

  • Babs Carlton

    Maybe Portman left because she talked to Keira Knightley about doing intense scenes with Fassbender.
    He’s a good actor and I do not doubt he’ll be a good MacBeth, but it’s kind of hard to support a guy who purposefully said things to make his female co-star uncomfortable.

  • Lindsay Morgan

    Not to mention the allegations of abuse by Sunawin Andrews. I know eventually she asked a judge to dismiss her request for a restraining order, but the imbalance of power in the situation leads me to believe her.

  • Mordicai

    Sounds like somebody really liked Sleep No More.

  • Anonymous

    What has Hathaway to do with Shakespeare?

    I’m happy for Cotillard; this casting is spot-on: She can play such a character in her sleep. I actually don’t think Natalie (as much as I love) would have been able to pull off such kind of character.

    I also heard there’s a rival production with Sean Bean as Macbeth in the works?

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Shakespeare’s wife was named Anne Hathaway.