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What A Silver-Medal-Winning Super Mario Bros. Figure Skating Routine Looks Like [Video]

Russian figure skating pair Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov won a silver medal for this Super Mario Bros.-inspired routine at the World Figure Skating Championships over the weekend, proving that everyone in the world has a soft spot for 8-bit Nintendo games. Mario has never looked so graceful and swan-like! Video is after the jump, and it auto-starts.

(The Telegraph via Tokyo Mango)


  • Jack

    -50 DKP for using a Playstation controller for a Nintendo franchise.

  • The Lamb

    Just a nitpick: That’s not one of the programs they won their silver medal with (they skated to Carmina Burana for their short program and then Romeo & Juliet for the long). That’s the non-competitive exhibition program they performed AFTER winning silver to celebrate the end of the competition and to give the audience a stress-free fun routine with less focus on high scoring jumps and more focus on just expressing yourselves, goofing off, and doing cool moves you don’t normally get to do. It’s nice to see something nerdier than the usual “Oh, I’m going to skate to my favorite pop song of the moment!”

    Spotlights and props are not usually part of a competitive ISU routine unless you’re in a Cutting Edge movie.

  • Ribeana Suds

    Pretty sweet! They definitely look too relaxed to be competing though. Also She touched her hands to the ice on one of her landings and it’d be pretty hard to win anything after doing that. Unless a certain French judge is in attendance….

    I actually saw a girl do a Mario routine in my Skating Club’s Carnival when I was younger. Ever since, I’ve always called inside-edge stops ‘Mario stops’.

  • Anonymous

    Mmm, the prescriptive nature was one of the reasons I switched from Figure Skating to Roller Derby (and I dabble with roller dance, lol).

    There isn’t a lot of wiggle-room for self expression in anything other than freestyle dance, and even then there’s stuff you can’t get away with – me and a friend wanted to do a routine dressed as zombies to an AC/DC track, we were told it wouldn’t fly for several reasons – all pairings need to be boy-girl, our music would not be approved, we would get marked down for our presentation if we didn’t look smart and that my tattoos would need to be covered too. It still makes me angry now …

  • The Lamb

    The Ice Skating Institute probably would allowed it. I knew two girls that skated duets together for years in ISI competitions in the 90s and they were always of various themes.

  • The Lamb

    The Ice Skating Institute probably would allowed it. I knew two girls that skated duets together for years in ISI competitions in the 90s and they were always of various themes.

  • Shard Aerliss

    If that’s a PS controller it’s a third-party one (too chunky for official) and for the PSX, as there are no analogue sticks (well I can’t make any out). It looks a lot like the Wii Classic Pro, though the colours are slightly wrong and again, I can’t see any analogue sticks;

    It’s more likely just a cheap-ass, third-party PC gamepad. Or possibly a third-party pad that’s based on the Wii Classic Pro, without the sticks, that they picked up in Japan (though why anyone would make one without the sticks I don’t know)?


  • Anonymous

    I can’t remember which governing body was overseeing the competition I’m talking about, but I was told the pairing rule had been brought in shortly *after* the film Blades of Glory (which I’ve never seen, but I understand is a comedy about two men pairing up for Ice Dance).
    I do know of at least one pair of girls who compete together actively in Germany, but that’s all I found out at the time … I’ve left it alone now, save for occasional public sessions for cross-training purposes!

  • Norwich Retro Gaming

    HAHAHA Good old Mario, is there anything he won’t do!