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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Lovecraftian Lollipops Makes Cthulhu Delicious

H.P. Lovecraft fans, rejoice! Now you can taste the maddeningly indescibable deliciousness of Lovecraft’s creations in hard-candy form! Which is kind of weird, but also pretty cool. According to the manufacturers the first wave includes lollipops modeled after a Deep One, the elder sign, Nyarlathotep and the great Cthulhu himself. Click through for more pictures.

Cthulhu, dyed green and cherry flavored.

Deep One, also dyed green and cherry flavored.

Nyarlathotep, dyed dark purple and raspberry flavored.

The Elder Sign, also dyed dark purple and flavored raspberry.

The lollipops are five bucks each and can be ordered here. Custom requests are also welcome.

The Mary Sue will not be held responsible for any bouts of raving madness, schizophrenia, severe bodily disassociation, existential despair, or other such social incontinence that may be incurred from eating Lovecraftian candy you dolts.

(via Cryptocurium.)


  • Frodo Baggins

    That is awesome. Typo in your title, though. Not “lillipops.”

  • Ceili

    Interesting, but the flavors disappoint me. Why not lime, if they’re going to be green anyway? Or even a more appropriate absinthe lollipop?

  • Anonymous

    My vote goes for the colour out of space absinthe flavoured ones.  That would be deep. Seriously mental.

  • hanzo999

     Because mismatched colors and flavors are Lovecraftian!