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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Not all that glitters is gold

The Most Mischievous Thing About This Loki Ring is That You Can’t Actually Buy It

The metalworking team of MI*HUE show us how they put together this stunning ring based on Loki’s helmet in Thor, a.k.a., a thing from the comics that nobody expected to actually work in a movie.

First, the helm gets carved out of hard wax,

And then the horns get added.

Then the wax is used to cast the ring in something a bit more durable.

And now, the sterling silver final piece:


Ironically, MI*HUE are finding the ring design a bit tricky: it’s hard to size, given the angle of the horns, and also takes a week to make. They’ve had a lot of requests for it, but haven’t yet found a way to make it at a price that would encourage people to buy it but also make it worth the time to manufacture. You’ll have to watch their blog for updates.

(via When Geeks Wed.)

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  • Anonymous

    Pretty cool looking.
    But that’s a broken finger just waiting to happen.

  • 김산디

    I’ve been wanting this ring for months and I could not find a place to buy one. Now I know why… :(