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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Hello Sweetie

4-Year-Old Lindalee Rose Reviews The Latest Episodes Of Doctor Who! [VIDEO]

The littlest reviewer, Lindalee Rose, has been pretty busy during the Doctor Who hiatus. She took a trip to Gallifrey One and interviewed Freema Agyeman. But now she’s back with her delightful takes on the long-running sci-fi series and you can get caught up before tonight’s new episode. Above are her thoughts on the Season 7B premiere, “The Bells of Saint John,” and below, her review of last week’s “The Rings of Akhaten.” (Check out Susana’s review here.)

I think my favorite (that’s sarcasm) part of these videos are the people who leave comments on the YouTube pages telling her the points she got wrong. The Internet, ladies and gentlemen, where telling a 4-year-old her mistakes makes you feel better about your life.

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  • Anonymous

    I watched the video of Lindalee at Gallifrey One, and now I really want to get to the later episodes so I can watch her reviews! She’s just so adorable!

  • Emma Lloyd

    I love how she called the Doctor a Jedi. She’s awesome.

  • Mark Wyman

    Doing better; I managed to get almost 2 minutes watched before I overdosed on cute. I should be able to finish by Tuesday at this rate.

  • Lisa Jensen

    “So the Doctor was dressed up like a Jedi” I love this little girl!

    “I wish the Doctor would guard me” Daww, little fangirl crush

    Lindalee: *goes into TARDIS, comes back out* Oh, and wait! *pulls out sonic screwdriver* I love you. *ss glows*

    Me: Awwwww!! *heart melts*

  • Brian Adkins

    I think she understood this episode better than me!
    And,yes,those who feel the need to corect a 4 year old are jerks.

  • Anonymous

    “It’s really crazy she gets trapped in all these robots…”
    - That really made me chuckle!

    Lindalee’s reviews of Doctor Who are genuinely the most interesting and insightful I’ve seen!