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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Today Leonard Nimoy Doesn’t Feel Like Doing Anything [Video]

As we officially head into Memorial Day weekend and prepare for a few days of (hopefully) pleasant weather, some of us will choose to stay indoors unless something catastrophic comes up. And in this video for the Bruno Mars single “The Lazy Song,” today is the day that Leonard Nimoy has decided to not give a flying nga’chuq. (A Klingon word we assured is synonymous with the act of sex.)

In other news, millions of Bruno Mars fans just Googled “Leonard Nimoy.”

(Topless Robot)

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  • Mary Sue

    And millions of nerds Google “Bruno Mars”.

    Okay, some.

    Okay, I did.

    (Because I liked the song and I think these kids might need a spot on my iPod.)

  • Anonymous

    Hah! I had to Google Bruno Mars too. Love the Shatner cameo in this – Nimoy’s reaction is priceless!

  • Eric Bazilio

    And I just saw Leonard Nimoy rolling a spliff. Thank you, Mary Sue. Thank you.