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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

eye candy

Want to See What Book 2 of Legend of Korra Will Look Like?

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Pics from io9, a nocturnal nerd, and Deviant Art.

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  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to seeing more of Kya, she’s got a neat little smirk on her.

  • Sheryl Nantus

    I haz such a happy…. XD

  • Jamie Jeans

    And hey, look at that, Korra is actually lighter here than at the beginning of the first season of her own series.

    Nice to see Bryke whitewashing his own damned characters now instead of just Hollywood. What the hell, people?

  • Meagan Begay

    Concept art is always a little lighter than the actual show, don’t worry. If you look at the first season’s concept art for Korra, her skin tone is much lighter than it was in the series.

  • Jamie Jeans

     Considering that Amon himself was dark skinned as a child and then somehow magically WAY lighter skinned as an adult, I hold no hope that Bryke won’t whitewash this.

    And just how hard would it be for them to make Korra dark skinned in concept art? She was dark skinned at the beginning of the first season, so they should know just what colour she’s supposed to be in concept art.

    Did they run out of brown ink or something?

  • Adrianne Georgia

    I’m sure her skin tone will be exactly the same in the second book as in the first. People seriously make way too big of a fuss about Korra’s skin. If she was pale and the concept art made her look darker, nobody would say anything.

    She’s a total bad-A and I love her new look, so let’s just trust that Bryke knows what his own characters look like.

  • Meagan Begay

    Because it’s exactly that, concept art. The colors are not always kept that way when put in the show. In Bolin’s concept art, he had a green jacket, beige shoes and brown pants. In the show, he had green pants, grey shoes, and a light brownish jacket. The shades and tones are not set in stone. A rough draft. And yes, I thought the whole Amon being a lighter shade was strange but that doesn’t mean that they will ‘magically’ make every character a lighter shade. 

  • Anonymous

    Holy crap, I can’t believe you’re getting on at a show which has no white people at all for a lack of non-white characters! 

    The mind boggles.

  • John Wao

    I went to program this into my DVR only to realize this is on one of those Viacom channels that’s down thanks to the dispute between DirecTV and Viacom. AAARRRGH!

  • Amanda LaPergola

     I am one of the many who became instant fans of Bumi II (Electric Bugaloo) within 2 seconds of being introduced to him.  It’s nice to see he’s carrying on the crazy of his namesake.

  • mildred louis

    Holy wow. I actually re-read this multiple times to make sure that what I read was right. I hope you realize that a lot of skin color is also dictated by lighting, right? A good portion of that show was spent with harsher, more dark, hyper saturated lighting. The concept art is to provide the base tone. Put that character in a different setting and wow, the skin tone will (seemingly) change a considerable amount. Let’s also take into account that it’s a photo, and a relatively poor quality one at that.

  • Anonymous

    I will really miss the city, it was such an awesomely design place, and felt so different than the previous show. Also it tended to mesh with the awesome jazz and swing music, I cant quite imagine swing music in an ice cave…hope they still find ways to incorporate it!

  • Full Metal Ox

    Considering that Amon himself was dark skinned as a child and then somehow magically WAY lighter skinned as an adult, I hold no hope that Bryke won’t whitewash this.

    I can actually think of a logical in-story reason for that: by the time of the story’s events, Amon had been going masked in public for a considerable while; his skin might have paled somewhat from the lack of solar exposure.

  • Ashe

    Nice to see someone is actually taking this as a legitimate concern, instead of defaulting to justifying, shutting down and nose thumbing I’m seeing others do. Not that I don’t understand at least, I love Bryke and their work, but it’s right THERE.

    This has been brought up elsewhere too. It’s not just Korra, but Katara got lighter, Amon got (way) lighter, Kya got lighter. And I’ve yet to see someone get darker. 

    It’s a bit too one-sided and a bit too frequent and considering it’s coming from the people who actually made these amazing shows, I’m getting both confused and nervous. 

  • Ashe

    Holy crap, I can’t believe you’re misconstruing her words in an effort to shut down a legit criticism!

    The mind boggles. 

    But really, whitewashing is an actual problem and your sarcasm isn’t helping the fact.

  • mildred louis

    … Speaking as someone who’s black and therefor has a black grandmother – some of them get lighter in their old age.

    Wait. OH GOD. Someone white washed my grand mother! How did I not know?!

  • Ashe

    Speaking as someone who is half black and half white and has had their skin tone vary all throughout their life, I still stand by my concern. 

    Nice try, though? 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, it is a real problem, but this case is not an example of it. I wasn’t being sarcastic at all, I honestly mean that I am surprised anyone can pick at the Avatar series (discounting the movie) for whitewashing based on a camera phone picture of some concept art that’s done in a light palette anyway.

    Honestly shocked, not at all sarcastic.

  • Ashe

    For some reason I can’t respond to your previous post, so I’ll just reply here again. 

    And my apologies, sarcasm is notorious for not traveling well over the Internet. 

    People have taken similar cellphone caps on projectors of their past convention presentations and Korra was still much darker. There’s a link comparing them here:

    Really, it’s just a concern, a concern from those who are way too used to seeing people of color lightened *coincidentally* over and over and over again. Considering this has happened three (four if the projector isn’t the culprit for Korra here) times in LOK so far, without the reverse happening (light-skinned characters becoming darker), people have a right to speak up and ask questions.  

  • Anonymous

    I love the way Asami is styled. Also really excited for Kya! Can’t wait for Book 2. I echo anneberry’s comment about missing Republic City. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and wish more time could be spent exploring the sprawling metropolis. Here’s hoping the NEW Team Avatar make frequent return trips! 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, let us compare the coloring of a phone picture taken off a rented monitor projector at a con, to HD TV footage. That is not grasping for straws at all.

    Why do you feel the need to cheapen valid complaints and issues by grasping for straws without real evidence about something that will most likely by proven to be a non-issue as soon as it airs?

    Why do you feel the need to make anyone who has a valid complaint about an issue like this look like a self-righteous asshole?

    You, and the likes of you, are hurting the cause, not helping.

    I hope you feel proud of yourself.

  • Anonymous

    I think it kinda weird that Senna looks no more then a few years older then Korra. JUST sayin’.
    I’m loving the way Kya’s hair is styled. It’s very attractive.

  • Life Lessons

    I can’t get enough of this show and its universe. More more more!!! So goooood!

  • Pungahead

     Thank You! I was reading this, thinking “are you fucking kidding me?!” I don’t see any difference in the skin coloring of the water tribe characters, other than Amon (which was a little weird, but whatever…not a big deal). Enjoy the characters for what they are and what they represent, not what shade of skin color they happen to be! Ashe-you are a bigot and a completely brainwashed idiot!

  • Ashe

    Aw, you seem really mad. 

  • Jamie Jeans

     Thank you for helping me out there, Ashe. I do have  concerns for this because I’ve seen this happen elsewhere as well, such as DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and it’s frustrating because the Avatar The Last Airbender series has been a great series about people of colour that isn’t stupid or stereotyped. It’s not perfect, but it’s great.

    And I’m a guy, not a girl. No big complaint there, since Jamie is a unisex name.

  • Malice Rutledge

    that makes no sense, your skin doesn’t lose melanin. Even at my palest I’m still dark.

  • Anonymous

    needless to say, I am very excited for book 2