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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Katee Sackhoff Is Basically The Only Woman In Riddick And That Concerns Her Deeply

“I think the nerve-wracking part of it comes from being really one of the only women in the movie. There’s some other women in the movie, but they’re in the very, very, very beginning. There’s nobody to take focus off of me, if I’m not good. That was my biggest fear. There’s so many guys in the movie. They were all amazing. Every single one of those guys are phenomenal actors, and they really brought such life to their characters. But, when you’re the only woman in most of the movie, there’s a lot of pressure. If you’re not good, everyone is like, ‘Well, the girl sucked!’ It’s not like people can go, ‘Which one?’ The flipside of that is, if it succeeds, it’s the other side of that. This is, by far, the biggest movie I’ve ever done. I’m incredibly excited, but I’m also really scared. So, we’ll see.” Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackoff speaking to Collider about her role in the upcoming Riddick film.

“I made a conscious effort to make her stronger than anyone I’ve ever played with very little, if no, vulnerability,” she said of her character Dahl. “She’s just really, really strong. If she has a vulnerability, you’re never going to see it.”

Sackhoff is also still attached to that lady Expendables-type film which she told them is still happening but slow moving at this point in the game.

(via io9)

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  • Anonymous

    It’s too bad. Pitch Black had some good women in it. Too bad they whittled it down to nothing.

    Edit: Next to nothing, I should say.

  • Travis Fischer

    Does this mean no Judi Dench? :(

  • Andy Hunt

    Pitch black had what, 3 women in it? Same for Chronicles?

  • Anonymous

    I mean it wasn’t just the number, it was their nifty factor too. They seemed less cliched than most. It just sucks that they seem to be losing ground rather than gaining.

  • The Gaf


  • Life Lessons

    Go Katee. And I am so bummed no more Dame Judi Dench being, well Dame Judi Dench which = AWESOME!!

  • Don Smith

    Come on Katee, you will always be Starbuck to me and Starbuck fear no one.

  • Wayne Anthony Feeney

    Judi Dench needs to be in EVERYTHING

  • Guest

    How accidental is it that they DO include a strong female character, and then name her Doll??

    Sometimes i see zebras, but sometimes they really are zebras and i feel vindicated. I feel this case is probably the latter.

  • UndeadMsScarlet

    I didn’t make that connection until you said it, but I also associate Dahl with a guy I knew in high school because it was his last name. We were peer mentors together, so I saw his name written on a lot of things, and I’m the kind of person where when I read something a lot, I don’t always realize it’s a homonym, especially if it’s a name versus an object. This guy was 6′ 4″, broad shouldered, and a wrestling champ, so that’s what comes to mind for me personally, which I would say does not diminish from the strong female character I’m imagining the forthcoming Dahl to be.

    Of course, that’s obviously a personal anecdote and I can see where the connection to “doll,” as in a toy, can be made. My guess is, though, that it’s supposed to be her last name – if you look at the character list from Pitch Black, the names of the main characters that are spoken throughout most of the film are their surnames. It would make sense then that few viewers probably realized they HAD other names, and so for the subsequent films, they weren’t given any. That’s entirely speculation on my part, however, as I want to believe the best about the series.