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Aussie Prime Minster Is a Game of Thrones Nut, Fangirls Daenerys [VIDEO]

Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard, who caught the Internet’s attention with her epic 15-minute verbal beatdown of a misogynist colleague, is apparently a huge Game of Thrones fan. Behind the cut (because of its weird dimensions) you can check out a video of her chatting with The Guardian about her favorite character (fire and blood!) and her shock at a certain season one death.

I want to believe that she and U.S. ambassador Jeffrey Bleich, he of “OMG Aussies stop pirating Game of Thrones!,” argue over who they want to ascend the Iron Throne. Stannis all the way.

(via: The Guardian)

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  • Anonymous

    Well the Australian Itunes does offer a season pass for season 3 so I wish they wouldn’t considering I’d be glad to have a season pass option.

  • Anonymous

    Meanwhile, the American ambassador is feeling a little awkward.

  • Felix Tejeda

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  • Jason Hunt

    She’ll have a lot more time to discuss GoT after September 14.

  • Al Harken

    I am still for Stannis

  • Anonymous

    Well y’know after absolutely decimating Abbott and the rest, things’ll probably get a lot more relaxed around parliament. :p

  • Jason Hunt

    I think you’re still stuck in fantasy mode. ;)

  • sharmylae

    can someone explain why rebecca is all for stannis… i literally do not understand. give me a rundown of why he’s good for westeros! :)

  • Aeryl

    I don’t stan for Stannis(Asha or GTFO for me) , but I’ve asked the same question of those who do.

    And the long and short of it is, he’s just like Ned. Rigid, honorable, decent, not necessarily kind, but not cruel, just. Won’t have your head cut off for disagreeing, the actual heir to the Baratheon throne.

  • Anonymous

    Ned is more like Atticus Finch: he bends when the situation calls for it. He lied to save his daughters. He recanted his accusation that Joffery was the incestuous spawn of Cersei and Jaime Lannister in hopes that he’d keep his head and, more importantly, that his children would stay safe.


    Plus, there is strong speculation that Jon Snow is really the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, and that Ned promised to lie about Jon’s parantage to save his nephew from Robert’s wrath. Stannis would never have done that. This is a guy who’s contemplating murdering his brother’s bastard offspring in hopes that it will magically win him the Iron Throne. Ned is much warmer than Stannis and family ties are more important to him.

  • Aeryl

    I agree, that’s not how I see Stannis, that’s just how it’s been explained to me.

  • Laszlo

    I guess it’s because he doesn’t like the usual politics of Westeros, and he doesn’t tolerate bullshit, you can tell that under him the royal court wouldn’t be so full of backstabbing and corruption.

  • sharmylae

    thanks! i guess i was stuck on the fact that he was locking up everyone who disagreed with him, but since he released his right hand man (hurrhurr pun) things are looking a little more sane in camp stannis.

  • sharmylae


  • Rebecca Pahle

    That’s exactly it. He’s not all for drama like many of the other contenders are. He’s straightforward, honest, and crabby. Not to get into spoiler territory for the later books, but his attitude to, er, certain things happening in Westeros (dammit, how can I avoid spoilers here?) is great. He has his shit together, at least regarding this one thing, and he’s the ONLY one who does.

    But I just like crabby characters, too. Lookin’ at you, Tigh.

  • Anonymous

    Good on her but I still don’t like her for not allowing gay marriage. Which is silly since you know, there’s referenced of homosexual in the show…