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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Fact From the Vapor of Nuance

Guys, Joss Whedon Was Joking About Death in Avengers 2

Death, death and death.Joss Whedon, in a funny voice, when asked what his general philosophy for Avengers 2 was.

You may have been seeing a headline going around saying that Joss Whedon promises a death in Avengers 2. You should know, just in case you already started buying stock in Kleenex, that he was joking.

Whedon was doing press for the European release of Much Ado About Nothing this weekend and was inevitably asked about what he had planned for Avengers 2. After delivering a nice and obviously vague answer about how it would be hard to make it “bigger” than The Avengers so he was going to make it “better,” the reporter persisted. So Whedon put on his best overly gloomy voice and deadpanned the above quote.

If you can get this SoundCloud recording of the Q&A to work (it’s getting hammered pretty hard right now), you can hear the exchange around the 14 minute mark.

(via ScreenRant.)

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  • Jody Bower

    well, if Alan Tudyk gets a role, we can be pretty sure what’s going to happen to him.

  • Shreyas Reddy

    That lovesick puppy Thanos desperately hopes he is not joking.

  • Travis Fischer

    So not just Thanos, but his romantic interest too… :p

  • Aeryl

    He doesn’t die in Dollhouse.

  • little_mascara
  • Anonymous

    When he said death, I assumed he was talking about the actual Marvel personification of Death, since Thanos is obsessed with her.

    Even if he did go and kill someone, I’m not sure who. Hawkeye and the Black Widow are the only ones without solo movie franchises but I can’t see Marvel killing one of their only female movie heroes. And any new recruit (Falcon, Wasp, ECT) wouldn’t be around long enough to really have any impact, I wouldn’t think.

  • Ryan Colson

    Given that Avengers had 30 opening minutes of pure boredom and no “Assemble!” line, there’s plenty of room for improvement methinks..

  • TKS

    I was coming here to say something snarky. But then I saw this comment.

    There can be no better comment.

  • Anonymous

    This made me giggle. Well said :)

  • Ryan Colson

    Well.. I’ve yet to encounter someone that says it’s not true, but realistically maybe 20 minutes. Of course, I liked it when I saw it.. but after 10 times, you really start to notice the flaws. Sorry :D

  • Anonymous

    Loki’s attack on SHIELD HQ was boring? I thought it was great.

  • Guest

    But his prime personality was wiped and physically destroyed, so he kind of was?

    Maaan, dollhouse was a confusing show.

  • Magic Xylophone

    Haha nicely chosen image.

  • Aeryl

    Well then, if that’s the case he was resurrected in Epitaph Two.

    The Whedon casting tricks, for those who care.

    Former Firefly actors on other Whedon shows=Evil

    Former Angel actors on Dollhouse-Secret Doll

  • Drew Douglas

    You have that much free time to watch a movie ten times? Good grief. man.

  • noemie

    I think it says something for the movie that you had to see it 10 times before you find a part of it boring.