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She Turned Me Into a Newt!

Game of Thrones, Beautiful Creatures Actors Join Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

A day may come when I am not filled with a sense of glee at anything related to the Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell miniseries. But it is not this day!

We already knew Eddie Marsan and Bertie Carvel are playing Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, respectively, in the BBC’s adaptation of Susana Clarke‘s magic-meets-history fantasy novel Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Now, thanks to a press release from Screen Yorkshire, we know some of the other actors. And they are:

Alice Englert (Beautiful Creatures, Ginger & Rosa): Lady Pole
Enzo Cilenti (Rome, In the Loop): Childermass
Charlotte Riley (2009’s Wuthering Heights, World Without End): Arabella Strange
Paul Kaye (Game of Thrones): Vinculus

Yes, that’s right. Thoros of Myr is playing Vinculus. It’s ever-so-slightly perfect.

The press release also lists Samuel West (Mr. Selfridge) and Marc Warren (Wanted, The Good Wife, that episode of Doctor Who we don’t like to talk about), though it doesn’t say who they’ll play. My guess is that Warren will be the Man With the Thistle-Down Hair (*tilts head* I see it), and West… John Segundus, maybe?

I’ll just be sitting over here patiently until it’s announced who Stephen Black’s actor is.

(via: Screen Yorkshire, thanks to María for the tip; image from The Black Letters)

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  • Elaine

    Not too sure where this Tumblr post got the source for Stephen’s actor but according to this it’s Ariyon Bakare (Wesley from Dancing on the Edge). I pictured Stephen as a lot younger than Wesley but thinking about it, I don’t remember Stephen’s age mentioned in the book.

  • Anonymous

    Well Ariyon Bakare has been tweeting about it and its up on imdb as him so…. seems legit.

    I dont think Stephen’s age was mentioned, I always pictured him as late thirties

  • Marya

    Thanks for the mention! :)
    For a moment I was really jealous because I thought you had a signed copy of the book …

  • Rebecca Pahle

    Pssht, I wish.

  • Elaine

    Oh cool! Good to know.

  • Martyn Drake

    You need to follow @mrpeterharness on Twitter, and look at from time to time – there’s also been John Heffernan and Vincent Franklin added to the cast. No idea who is playing who – or who has been cast as Drawlight.

  • Martyn Drake

    Peter Harness (writer of the 7 part series) was the source, I believe (hence everybody who has Twitter needs to follow him).

  • María

    I just went to see Peter Harness’ Twitter account, he confirmed Samuel West as Lord Pole and Mark Warren as the Gentleman with the Thistledown Hair!

  • Shawn Cooke

    I’d say that West and Warren are more likely to be Lascelles and Drawlight.

  • Lady Commentariat

    Warren’s Wikipedia page is listing his role in JS&MN as The Man with the Thistledown Hair, fwiw.

  • Shawn Cooke

    He may well be, and he’d certainly fit the part. In my mind, Drawlight and Lascelles always go together, and since the casting announcement came out of the same time, I naturally assumed. Still, with no source listed on the Wikipedia page, I’ll take it with the appropriate grain of salt. Really, I’d be happy either way.

  • Anonymous

    Psst . . . two “n”s in Susanna. [/English major]

  • Temmere

    I’ve just been rereading the book and it occurred to me what a perfect Drawlight Burn Gorman would make.