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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

this exists

Movie: The Movie: The Movie to End All Movies (Movie) [Video]

So, for his post-Oscar show, Jimmy Kimmel threw together an epic fake movie trailer with a few famous friends. Actually, it was all of the famous friends. Nearly every single famous person in Hollywood is in this trailer, and we are a better people for it. If for any reason, for Gabourey Sidibe‘s Black Hitler. The full video is after the jump, but you really had to see that first, because of the whole “next logical step from the Venture Bros.‘ Girl Hitler” thing. Okay, on to the video.

We promise, this video is a little over nine minutes long, but you will be laughing the whole time. There is, literally, no stopping this thing. Not even a plucky disabled scientist, played by George Clooney.

So, how to we get Kimmel to host the Oscars?

(via Splitsider)

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  • Sean Samonas

    The sad thing is that I can see a Hollywood exec viewing this and saying, “You know…that’s not a bad idea.”

  • A Talbot

    Oh my Glob! That was hilarious! Lets…not make it. Alright?

  • Tehani Wessely

    Hmm. Actually, about the only bit I thought was funny was the Christoph Waltz scene. Some of it was kind of offensive, to be honest.