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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Loyal Fans Bought Webcomic Artist Jennie Breeden Every Single Thing on her Bridal Registry… In Six Hours

Among the perks of writing a webcomic: You might find that your readers are so generous that they’ll literally buy you every single thing on your bridal registry. That’s what happened when Jennie Breeden, creator of The Devil’s Panties, posted a link to registry online, only to have her fans buy out the entire thing within six hours.

Huh. Maybe I should start a webcomic. I probably need to learn to draw first, though. Oh well.

(via: The Daily Dot)


  • Katharine Tapley

    This is so wonderful!

    I posted a link to a fundraiser for my husband’s surgery on my facebook fan page, and within 48 hours, we had surpassed the goal by a thousand dollars.

    Internet peeps are the best!

  • Carmen Sandiego

    Sometimes the internet is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    I need to start a webcomic, too. Must be nice to be that loved.

  • Anonymous

    Well, you could always start a webcomic as a *means* of learning to draw…

  • Matt Graham

    You write, I’ll draw. We’ll reap the creative reward.