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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Jem’s Holograms Get New Collectible Dolls From Hasbro

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When we first posted the new collectible Jem dolls from Hasbro and Integrity Toys, many (myself included) wondered when we’d see Shana, Aja, and Kimber. The wait is over, Series 2 features Jem’s Holograms in all their bright-haired glory! I am now hotly anticipating Series 3, which I can only guess will be the evil band and Jem adversaries, The Misfits. I wonder what Christy Marx, Jem creator and current DC Comics writer, thinks of the comeback?

(via Comics Alliance)

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  • Anonymous

    Jem was before my time but I always thought now would be perfect for some sort of revival. I mean look at what you regularly see Beyonce or Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj wearing while performing on stage. Not too far off the mark if we’re talking sheer garishness or flamboyance.

  • Wendy Whipple

    The price tag on those makes me sad. :(

  • Vintango

    I am going to start saving now because I will not be able to stop myself from buying Stormer when the Misfits are released.

  • Nick Gaston

    Maybe a 3.75″ Misfits series, as Cobra officer’s club performers?

  • Tracy Palma

    Ya know it’s a shame they’re leaving out Rhea. Yeah, she wasn’t part of the original line up but she took Shana’s place on drums, which allowed Shana to play guitar. For that matter I suppose they should include Jetta, but she wasn’t much of an asset to the Misfits. :P

  • Nick Gaston

    You’re Okay.

  • mary elizabeth newsom

    I thought Shana played the drums?

  • Chaka ♥

    just take my money, Jem. Take my money like you took my HEART.

  • Vintango

    I’m gonna make it through the day ♫

  • Anonymous

    You mean, Raya? It is a shame, but maybe they will add her on later? I actually LOVED Jetta! I tried to learn the sax after she came on! Tried and failed, but whatever, I thought she was great!