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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And All Was Right With the World

Jemma Salume Wins Best Commentary On The Latest “Fake Geek Girl” Controversy

I won’t say this comic from Jemma Salume is better than the one we posted last week from Meghan Danger, but it wins for illustrating exactly what artist Tony Harris seemed to be accusing certain cosplayers of in his recent Facebook rant. In the most literal, comedic way possible. Hit the jump to find out what happens when this “Fake Geek Girl” preys on the unsuspecting, “Super Mang” reading dude at VeldtCon. 

(via Excess Baggage)

Previously in Fake Geek Girl

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  • Sarah

    It makes me sad that there’s a well-populated list of “Previously in Fake Geek Girl.”

  • Joanna

    That poor helpless nerd boy! D=

  • venturesister

    LOL, I do this every year at Mega Con, how did Jemma know? I’ll have to be more covert about my feedings.

  • Anonymous

    Fake Geek Girl uses Escher Girls Attack Pose! It’s super effective!

  • John Wao

    I can’t believe this is a thing. I must be getting old. In my day if anyone expressed interest in my comic book collection I would have just been happy about it.

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow. I laughed, but at the same time, I was struck by the last panel’s image — instant image of the femme fetale. Generally, we think of FFs as a kind of cheesy or sexy storytelling trope in pop culture contexts, but it’s so amazing to think this is an image that was once genuinely used against women — we’re predatory, vampire-like entities! we really suck away men’s lifeforce through sex!

    I’m glad we can laugh at it today.

  • Michael Overton

    I love that one! Up until I saw that one this was my favorite:

  • Nick Gaston

    …has anyone registered the “VeldtCon2013″ domain, yet? I’m seeing possibilities, here.

  • TKS

    I eagerly await the cosplay of the Fake Geek Girl from this comic. Hopefully complete with prop grass and entrails made of marshmallow.

  • Anonymous

    I KNEW IT! Fortunately I always keep my anti-women repellent on me at all times (For any helpless geek boys wondering how they too, can keep the threat of women away (and simultaneously complain about how girls refuse to talk to such a nice guy like you!), it’s a shirt of a woman making a Sandvich for the heavy. Also the fact that I always wear it and consequently never wash it helps).

  • Mariah Huehner

    This reminds me, in the best possible way, of Kate Beaton’s “Straw Feminist” comic…

  • Anonymous
  • seileigh

    I love the narcissism of the whole concept. “Girls want us geek guys so badly, they will dress up just to attract us! It’s all to trap us into liking them, it can’t possibly be an actual fangirl or someone who just likes costuming!”

  • Bexley Lister


  • Carmen Sandiego

    I call it for DragonCon 2013!

  • sets kirian

    Wow whole spree of these kind of posts or blogs or videos
    Though this pretty funny to me being a girl I’ve never once saw anything like this happen if anything they were just playing around

  • Ethan Murdo MacLean

    The whole “fake geek girl” thing reminds me of heavy metal elitism – the whole “you don’t like the same bands as me so you’re a poseur”. Just because someone’s new to your culture or has different tastes does not mean they’re fake or a “poseur”.

  • Anonymous

    I instantly thought of the Ray Bradbury short story. Definitely possibilities.

  • Anonymous

    After reading Mr. Harris’ thoughts on the “fake geek girl”, I can’t help but think that maybe his concerns are more about money than anything. The costumed girls are taking attention away from his booth. Geek guys are posing for pics with cosplay girls instead of paying attention to him and the merchandise he is selling. If the girl geeks are indeed fake, then they won’t be purchasing any comics or other merch (though they apparently bought a ticket to the con). And geek guys who perhaps find a girlfriend maybe won’t have as much time or money to devote to being a good consumer of geek media and merchandise.

    It’s also kind of sad the way he is gaslighting and being somewhat abusive towards the geek guys: “Hey, you don’t think that girl really likes you, do you? She secretly thinks you’re pathetic!” Does he think that keeping his fans from forming personal relationships with women will keep them more loyal consumers of his work?