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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Can Jem and the Holograms Make A Truly Outrageous Comeback With New Dolls From Hasbro?

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Jem, the larger, cooler Barbie. At least to me she was. That’s why I’m so excited for this news. Hasbro has made a deal with Integrity Toys for a modern day line of Jem and the Hologram dolls. “Inspired by the TRULY OUTRAGEOUS characters created by Hasbro over two decades ago and cherished by fans and collectors alike ever since, this nostalgic retro doll line is designed to pay homage to both the animated series and its original companion doll line, which was originally marketed from 1985 to 1987,” writes Integrity. Each doll will set you back $125 and they’ll start shipping next month. Take a look at Jerrica Benton, her alter-ego Jem, Synergy, and good ol’ purple-haired Rio (more to come down the road).

(via Buzzfeed, Integrity Toys)

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  • Donna Tingle

    Gah! Why must they be so expensive :(

  • Christina Janke

    Ross Campbell designs would be awesome! I’d totally buy the dolls for mys…I mean for my nieces.

  • Matt Graham

    This is awesome. Dazzler is still my musician of choice, though.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not big on the faces, they need to be softer and more cartoony, and Jem’s hair doesn’t look quite right, too fluffy.

  • Matt Graham

    Are they doing the Misfits? Their songs are better.

  • venturesister

    These are pretty good, not quite as cartoony as the dolls I remember. Good to see that Rio is still sporting his Members Only style jacket. Do they come with cassettes? Or at least some MP3 downloads, to keep up with this century?

  • Rachel Banzhaf

    Aw, the headline made me think they were making a new show for the Hub. $125 dolls makes that sound rather unlikely though.

  • Alicia Pierro

    I agree regarding their faces, especially Jem/Jerrica’s (so severe! so… Pizzazz!), but I don’t think Jem’s hair could ever, ever be too fluffy.

  • Alicia Pierro

    I’m in love with that Synergy and her creepy detachable hands, and her little gift box that holds little Jem-Star earrings for Jerrica, and her perfect unitard. Cannot. wait. to see what they do with the Misfits.

  • Ryan T Dunn

    Can only think about how it needs to be cross advertised with Jiz… (

  • Anonymous

    Well the stuff Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce wear onstage isn’t that much more over-the-top than the cast of Jem so now could be the right time for a comeback!

  • ggirl9

    After having a look at the one photo showing the stand, I’d look severe too – being held by the crotch can’t be comfortable!

    Want these so, so badly but I don’t even spend that much for the classic dolls on eBay.

  • Tina

    Pressing question: Will Jem’s shoes and clothes fit Ken like the 80′s ones did?

  • Natasha

    The Stingers songs were better