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Jay Smooth Responds to the Nasty Responses to Feminist Frequency’s Kickstarter [Video]

We all know that the response to Anita Sarkeesian‘s online harassment over her Kickstarter campaign has been supportive, but sometimes, it’s just great to see someone say those words out loud and make some goshdamn sense for once. That is what Jay Smooth (aka John Randolph) did in his most recent installment of Ill Doctrine, his video blog. And we think it’s a reassuring and positive way to end a week of otherwise gnarly internet behavior — with someone with something good to say.

(via Ill Doctrine on Vimeo)

Previously in Online Harassment

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  • Anonymous

     LOVE Jay Smooth.  He is always on point.

  • Julie Gomoll

    Jay Smooth: Bringing us sensible diatribes since 2007. I love this guy.

  • Ultra Fem

    This is awesome.

  • KittySoft Paws Rolufs

    Sweet baby Jeebus, I think I’m in love with this man. So amazingly well said.

  • Emilie G

    His voice is hypnotic… and the words it forms are very intelligent!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like that he felt it was necessary to turn on the funny voice. It seemed immature and it only begged for further debate, which I hope he would approach with more seriousness.

    Otherwise, he seems like an intelligent man and I am interested in seeing more of his videos. I have also added Feminist Frequency to my blog list, a very short list. Thanks for roping me in.

  • Sara Crow

    This guy is my new friend.

  • Edcedc8

    lol fetch.

  • K

    what funny voice?

  • K

    Amazing video!

  • Ashley Rogers

    It’s just great to see someone say those words out loud and make some goshdamn sense for once.

  • Anonymous

    This is the second video of his I’ve watched. SO awesome to have an ally :D

  • Anonymous

    This guy. Right here.
    All the evidence needed that sexist trolls are NOT valid representatives of the male gender. This guy is.
    This is a MAN!
    Heed him!

  • Virginia DeBolt

    Jay Smooth gets a big +1 for this one! Yea Jay!

  • Woody

    i am unfamiliar with both these people…not for long

    where’s a bonobo when you need one?

  • Eric Robbins

    Amazing video. All good points. 

  • Kristin Frederickson

    An examination of men in games or gender as a whole would have been an interesting thing, but the massive wave of flamewar spam killed any legitimacy that discussion might have had. It’s too bad they had to poison their own project with hatred and anti-intellectualism.

  • Jill Peters

    Thanks Jay/John…you’re a real Man!

  • Life Lessons

    Thank you!!

  • Invisible_Jester89

    Jay Smooth, you are a real man. You stick up for what’s right, and you aren’t afraid to say it’s what’s right. Marry me.

    We need more real men on the internet. Men (and women) who aren’t afraid to stand up to this kind of bullying and say “Hey, that’s wrong, cut it out.” More people who aren’t going to say, “Trolls will be trolls” when they see online harassment, whether it be for sexual orientation, gender, beliefs, political opinions, whatever. This needs to start happening. We need to let people know that on the internet, and in gaming, this is not okay, and the only way to do that is to have more people on more sites say that it isn’t okay. The internet is everywhere. The internet is legion. Let’s start spreading the tolerance virus.

  • Invisible_Jester89

     Maximus, I think that might actually be his accent. Maybe he’s from Brooklyn?

  • Anonymous

    To clarify, the point at 2:15 is where he puts on the voice and sets up a straw man.

  • Gregory Allen

    Just keep chugging. It brings out their ugliness and invalidates their hideous ideas.

  • Anonymous

     It wasn’t a strawman; if you read the comments Anita got, you’ll see that many of the comments are saying exactly what Jay says they are.

  • Anna B

    I love Jay Smooth. I’ve been following his vlog for 4 years. I don’t think he’s ever disappointed me.

  • Amphigorey

    Jay Smooth is a national treasure.

  • Geegee De’Ecks Tesea

    I don’t hate women.
    I don’t hate what her subject matter is.
    I don’t troll on purpose, and haven’t since about 2007.

    What I do hate is someone who, despite having all the necessary tools to construct these videos, asks for $6,000 for the production of more videos – the likes of which would have been posted regardless of this contribution or not. The only difference between these videos and the ones prior, are that she can sell these for a legitimate profit without being called a “sell out”.

    It only aggravates me more that some journalists are not researching this subject thoroughly. All they see is “men” spewing hate speech toward this KickStarter. Thus they report nothing besides what will generate their websites page-views for their ad revenue.

    I can tell you, sir, that you are wrong. Most people are NOT trolling for the sake of trolling. Most people are NOT angry because of her gender. Most people are NOT angry because of the subject matter.

    We are angry because no one – I reiterate – NO. ONE. Needs $6,000 to make YouTube videos when, as previously stated, she already has a been doing such activities previously.

    The idea- Nay. The FACT that this woman received over twenty-six (26) times the amount of money to continue posting YouTube videos FOR THE SAKE OF PROFIT absolutely floors me.

    Yes, the harassment is wrong. But you’re not seeing the harassment for what it is: an irrational response in anger to how this person is milking people of their money. She’s utilized both emotional and ethical appeal (neither of which is considered legitimate play in academia, mind you) to fund her project past her goal. She has absolutely no obligation to use any of the money, aside from the original $6,000, to fund this project.

    Furthermore, she cannot contribute any of this money toward a charity like, oh, I don’t know, her local women’s shelter? Why? Because that’s a violation of KickStarter’s ToS. She keeps all of that money, it’s her personal profit. She made $154,000 in less than a year. I’ve friends who are doctors that don’t even make that much, and still have to pay back student loans.

    So that’s it, that’s all I have to say. I don’t even know why I bothered to say it when I know I’ll be perceived as wrong, but I felt like I needed to tell at least one of you “journalists” why people are realistically angered by this current topic.

    -a sockpuppet twitter account

  • Anonymous

    You and everyone else in here are a bunch of brainwashed fucking idiots. I don’t say that to be insulting, I’m just stating a fact.

    This issue is not about guys being sexist. This whole issue, and the enormous backlash against this woman, is a result of men, particularly white men, constantly being treated as the villain of earth.

    Feminists like Anita look for sexism where there is none, and greatly exaggerate problems that aren’t really there to begin with. She also misinterprets the entire culture and completely fails to understand why things are the way they are. It’s a culture of indoctrination, pointless entitlement and conspiracy theories, and everyone’s circlejerking each other, and blaming others for their own faults.

    And this is where the hate kicks in. People like you, and every other brainwashed sheep in the comments, are perpetuated tise incredibly hateful feminist culture and actually creating sexism, not fighting against it. Sure, people who are already indoctrinated into thinking all men are devils, will applaud you, but anyone with the ability to think for themselves, will just be further disillusioned, and lash out against your naive, ignorant hate speech.

  • Anonymous

    If you don’t like her product, don’t give her money.  If you don’t like that she’s asking for money, don’t give her money.  If you don’t think she’s going to spend it responsibly, don’t give her money.  If you think it’s a scam, don’t give her money.  

    There’s no need to go to her wikipedia page and change her picture to porn and then riddle the rest of the page with words like whore, b*tch, c**t, etc. etc. etc. Which is exactly what happened, on top of the bullying and harassing in other forums.  From what you’re saying, I think you’re just not familiar with the type of abuse that she’s been receiving over this.  They aren’t calling her a gold digger or a money grubber, they’re calling her sexist epithets.  Other people chose to give her that money, and you don’t really get to have an opinion on what they do with their money.  At least not one that matters.  You didn’t give her any, so you voiced your opinion with your wallet.  That’s how it’s supposed to work.  

    This is not about money, this is about gamer dudes being (as they so typically are, in my not-so-inconsiderable many years of experience being part of that community.  Only the gamer dude community would think that using the word rape as an appropriate slang for winning was ok.) sexist douches.