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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And All Was Right With the World

An Important Message For These Confusing, Trying Modern Times Of Ours

YouTuber 8O8X has the secret to world peace. Wil Wheaton would be proud.

(via @nedroid.)


  • elsewhere

    I won’t be a dick about splitting infinitives.

  • Anonymous

    grammar Nazis. biggest figurative dicks of them all, smallest literal dicks of them all.

  • Corntoo

    What is the *point* of having a nice infinitive if you won’t share?


  • SashaIsme

    When I get a cell phone, this is going to be my ringtone.

  • Walt Whitman

    I guess you’ve never heard of poetry.

  • Kaykrazy1
  • CrackedPepper96

    Walt Whitman? Damn you Walt Whitman! I HATE YOU WALT FREAKIN’ WHITMAN!

  • Anonymous

    What a crock of crap.

  • Pedro

    fuckin hipster doesnt have a cell phone..dick

  • SinBear CookieCrumble

    You are really stupid… being smart and having correct grammar doesnt mean you have a small dick. In fact, even if smart people have small dicks, they still get laid. Why? Oh I know, because they are smart! You should try it sometime! Should’ve said “Its okay to dislike things”. The maker of the video is dumb.

  • SinBear CookieCrumble

    If I don’t like something, it gives me every right to make fun of it(: like this video. Learn some fucking grammar.