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Ironic Twist of the Day: Nathan Fillion Needs Someone To Play Nathan Fillion on Castle

Don't worry, we're a little confused, too

In a feat of cross-fandom meta the likes of which is rarely seen on television, the producers of Nathan Fillion‘s post-Firefly gig on ABC, Castle, are looking to cast someone to…play Nathan Fillion. Castle, for non-watchers out there, is a five-seasons-running show about a crime writer assisting the NYPD in solving unusual cases. As an upcoming Season 5 episode summary details, the show is looking to cast for a story about…an actor who rose to fame on a hit sci-fi series playing one Captain Max Richards.

Starting to sound familiar?

Yep, they’re really going there. Happy tenth anniversary everyone! However, unlike Fillion in real life, Castle‘s send-up of his famous role has not dealt with his post-show life as well, having lost his way to liquor once his jaunt in the black was cancelled. The spectre of this evil twin Fillion is a sure sign that, if nothing else, Castle is aware of its audience. Not only are they directly referencing the well-known past gig of one of their stars, the episode itself takes place at a fake science fiction convention for the Firefly parody, which is being called Nebula 9.

One very good reason for the enduring stardom of Nathan Fillion is that he, by all appearances, is a nerd just like the rest of us. From his participation in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, to the references to Firefly he’s eagerly encouraged into the hit crime drama, Fillion’s always been kind to fans, up for an in-joke, and generally a great sport about the part that made him a household name (depending on your household). Castle has repeatedly made sport of Fillion’s past as Captain Malcolm Reynolds a.k.a. the new Captain Tightpants; Fillion’s character on the show, Rick Castle, has dressed up in Mal’s old costume for a Halloween episode, and looks to the camera whenever someone mentions “serenity”. Who knows what kind of gags could be pulled given a doppelgänger?

No word yet on who’s doubling for Fillion, though it will likely be an unknown. One thing’s for certain; some of us will be mighty interested in tuning in to see what happens.

(via Crushable)

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  • Andrew Michelangelo Furniss

    ben browder would be brilliant doing this

  • Anna Sophia May

    Oh. My Gosh, LOVE. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  • Jen Roberts

    I love this show and this man. <3

  • Mike Harrison

    Mal Reynolds, not Max Richards.

  • Mike Harrison

    nm thats the characters name in Castle, funny, I get it now

  • Anna Sophia May

    It’s also funny because Richards is Castle’s real last name. Or at least, it’s his mother’s. Hmmm…

  • Lynda Bowen

    Neil Patrick Harris.

  • James Fletcher

    If they wanted to go really, really meta, they could cast Joss Whedon as the murder victim.

  • Joanna Elpers

    Nah, Michael Shanks. ;)

  • Jim Shannon

    Winner Right There! Loved seeing him on Doctor Who the other night! He would be perfect if he’d want to play along. (and probably would)

  • Amanda

    Alan Tudyk or Adam Baldwin. ALAN TUDYK OR ADAM BALDWIN!

  • Amanda

    …was just reminded that Adam Baldwin has already been on the show. Alan Tudyk. ALAN TUDYK!

  • Anonymous

    I was about to say that this article had already exceeded the recommended daily allowance of meta, but now I’ve totally overdosed.

  • Tym Stevens

    The 100% perfect choice is Tim Guinee.

    In last week’s pilot of “Revolution”, his resemblance to Mal Reynolds was eerily uncanny, down to his face, manner, and dress. (The irony is that “Revolution” is competition for “Castle”.)

    If they don’t go with Tim, they’ve missed the best possible choice.

  • Caeric ArcLight

    Castle’s real name is Richard Alexander Rodgers. I hope the sci-fi show is called “Lightning Bug.” And it would be awesome to see Alan Tudyk playing Fillion.

  • Christina Janke

    Tim Daly. No wait! Adam Baldwin makes more sense :)

  • Anonymous

    I was going to ask what Sean Mahr was up to.

  • Sophie Sugarbean

    They’ve actually done a few things like that before in Castle. Season 2′s Halloween episode Fillion dresses up as Mal and has hilarious dialog with his daughter about being a space cowboy and her saying he has already worn that costume 5 years ago and should move on. I rewatched that part at least 20 times (since I squee-ed so much the first time and almost missed it). He’s also quoted Jayne, which made me dance around. Nothing quite as awesome as this though.

  • Anonymous

    As several of my friends have remarked elsewhere, John Barrowman might be a good choice.

    Yeah, I know that’s a stretch, but it seems to me that he might just be able to pull off a charismatic badass-longcoat-wearing leader of a small group of outsiders.

  • Janis Wright

    Adam Baldwin or Neil Patrick Harris have my votes.

  • Taste_is_Sweet

    Joe Flannigan. He’s got the heroic good looks and he’s really good at playing depressed alcoholics.

  • diane

    I’ve always thought they had eerily similar hair.

  • Kate Holloway

    David Boreanaz. Nathan Fillion was almost Angel so it would just draw in the Buffy fandom as well :)

  • mahaines

    The dude that plays Drake from the Uncharted games would be a nice nod.

  • Amanda

    Great, now I need a mop to clean up my TOTALLY BLOWN MIND.

  • IDisposable

    But John Malkovich could pull it off for Being John Malkovich…

  • Amanda

    Fun fact: John Barrowman is the right man for every part, ever. Also, I just want to see them standing next to eachother. /swoon

  • Philippa

    Hmm. I suggest Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, John Barrowman [he could be even more vain, flirty and self-absorbed than Castle himself!], Ron Glass [who says the guy has to be white?], Joe Flanigan, Richard Dean Anderson, Scott Bakula, Tamoh Penikett, Doug Savant [Desperate Housewives], Gregg Henry. I doubt he’d do it, but what about Harrison Ford?

  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    Awesome! He mentioned this at ComicCon this year, saying that they wanted to get the whole cast in, but now that Adam Baldwin has already made his cameo they need to do doubles.

  • Rick Nelson

    It really should be Jason Bateman. Nathan Fillion is always joking about how people confuse him and Jason Bateman.

  • Zoe Chevat
  • Amanda

    …I… I can’t… I just…. Zoe, you are my very favourite person. <3

  • Chris Talbot

    Why not Tim Allen? I hear he has experience playing the actor who played a spaceship captain. :-)

  • Anna Sophia May

    I feel smart. I was thinking about Martha and got it confused with someone else. oops. :)

  • Anonymous

    Ben Browder would be awesome!!!! And considering Ben was up for the role of Mal Reynolds before Nathan, it would be just be perfect.

  • NG

    Jason Bateman all the way………….. :)

  • Anonymous

    I loved the Halloween episode when he essentially wore his old Firefly costume and said he was a “space cowboy”.

  • Debra Savage

    Well, Nathan does have a brother. Though I can’t quite remember how close the ressemblance is.

  • Erica Throne

    is a nerd just like the rest of us.”

    Fillion’s always been kind to fans, up for an in-joke, and generally a great sport about the part that made him a household name ”


    “Because it’s not fair to ask that” he says.

    Mathew Broderick tweeted a picture of himself holding a SPOON. He wasn’t even asked! Couldn’t Fillion do this ONE THING?

    Sigh. I really should watch Castle though.

  • Guest
  • Erica Throne
  • Carmen Sandiego

    Also, Ben Browder is a Browncoat. I love the cross-show love. :)

  • Carmen Sandiego

    It actually was confirmed that was his costume that he kept from the set. Also there was a prop catalyzer in the background during the episode in a few scenes (reference: Serenity’s repair need in the episode “Out of Gas”).

    I love when his daughter asks “Wasn’t that like 5 years ago?” and his response. I adore Nathan and the directors of the show for allowing all those references.

  • Anonymous

    That’s cool, I thought it was but I didn’t want to say so without being sure.

  • jaime ruiz palacios

    get jason bateman he lookes like nathan not he?

  • jaime ruiz palacios

    no alan tudyk (original firefly team) or jason bateman (always getting jokes about that he looks like jason bateman)

  • Коблин

    Some really great suggestions so far. I’d add Joel McHale (Community) and Colin Ferguson (Eureka).

  • Michelle Rhoades

    That is exactly who I thought of when I read the article title. Ben Browder would be perfect!

  • Laura Truxillo

    JEREMY RENNER! For the love of little plastic dinosaurs get JEREMY RENNER!

    Just listen to that “genuine pleasure” line in Avengers and tell me you don’t get shades of Mal.

  • Katharine Tapley

    I have never actually watched that show, but now…I think I might.

  • Katharine Tapley

    I have never actually watched that show, but now…I think I might.

  • Anonymous

    Aw f*ck, now I GOTTA start watching Castle…!

  • Anonymous

    *adds her thin reedy voice to the chorus, a half-beat behind everyone else*


  • Anonymous

    Nolan North? He’d have to lose some weight, but yeah, perfect hair, voice, body-language… Good mention!

  • Grace Valentino

    Joe Flanigan would fit perfectly.

  • Bill Hedrick

    Tamoh was just on Castle, will not be repeating the character tho

  • Andres Villaseca

    I’ll go with Alan Tudykas ‘Captain’ :P

  • Ruth Madison

    They need Jason Bateman. I can’t tell them apart at all!

  • janna

    I’ve been a fan of Castle since the beginning, but I’ve
    never seen Firefly. I love Nathan Fillion, and some of my DISH coworkers say
    Firefly was pretty good, so I might have to check it out. I can rent it using
    my Blockbuster @Home service through DISH, which always has great selection. The
    best part about it is if I don’t like Firefly I can exchange it for a different
    show at the nearest Blockbuster store. I don’t have to wait for them to send me
    another DVD. If Fillion is as good in Firefly as he is in Castle, though, I’m
    going to love it.

  • Anonymous

    get one of the other male actors from firefly to do it. seems like a no-brainer to me

  • Milady Jenevere

    Oh Jesus H. Christ, YES. Barrowman for EVERYTHING. (And if they can’t get Barrowman, get Jason Bateman.) What they need… Get Jane Espenson in on the writers’ team to cover the Firefly angle, and also bribe Ben Edlund from Supernatural to come over and fiddle with the script – because if you want brain-bendingly good meta tied up with a decade’s worth of fan in-jokes, he’d be the place to go. (He wrote The French Mistake for Supernatural, which pretty much attempted to do the same thing. Edlund knocked it out of the atmosphere, forget the park.)

    This is going to be awesome. Call all your Browncoat friends, pull out some good beer and good pizza, have yourself a PARTY when this one airs. Hell, I’ll bet there will be drinking game rules by the time it comes out.

  • JungleFritz

    I’d like to see them get some of the band back together… it would be a stitch to have the rest of the Firefly cast in cameos in the episode.

  • Anonymous

    Nicholas Brendan (Xander on Buffy) said at Fanexpo Vancouver that Mal Reynolds was originally written for him, but then they got Fillion on Buffy and Whedon rewrote it for him. I say give him the shot.

  • Brian Goulet

    you just made my day :-p

  • Noni Doll

    Oh man. If they get a look-alike, the cries of “NOW KISS!” reverbing around the internet will be DEAFENING.

  • Guest

    Now if we could just get Nathan Fillion to hold some fucking twin already…