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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Pretty Pretty Princess

Inked Disney Princesses (and More)

What better combination of art forms is there than Disney and tattoos? Well, if you’re a Disney geek with tattoos (or a Disney geek who appreciates them), then there is nothing better. So when DeviantARTist Telegrafix aka Timothy John Shumate (who is also a tattoo artist) whips up some tattoo-friendly designs inspired by Disney, we’re bound to pay attention. After the jump, see more inked-up Disney princesses, and maybe even a past president.

Who could rock old school sailor tattoos better than the Little Mermaid herself? Hipster Ariel would point out that this would be “so meta,” I’m sure.

When you’ve had to deal with an evil stepmother, attempted murder, and seven roommates, it’s time to treat yourself to some personal art.

Minnie isn’t inked in this, but this is a new side of Mickey’s squeeze.

Onto the non-Disney princesses: An inked Lincoln.

This voodoo woman would be an unbelievably colorful, beautiful piece:

And, to conclude, Chtulhu, mustachioed, in a bowler. (Okay, just an octopus, but close enough.)

Who else thinks it’s time for Disney to consider tattooed protagonists?

(Telegrafix on DeviantART via Bit Rebels)

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  • Rosalind Casey

    These designs are really cool, except I am totally alarmed by Jasmine and Ariel’s expressions, which fall somewhere between the coy pin-up “No, don’t look at my underwear!” look and pornface.

  • Vic Horsham

    Agreed.  The art is stunning, but those facial expressions turn me off.  I can’t help but imagine that a Disney princess who breaks the mold enough to get tats would have a bit more attitude to her.

  • DH

    I wonder if he did a Belle…I’d like to imagine Belle has a big rose chestpiece or something.

  • Anonymous
  • jasonh

    what kind of fucking idiot thinks of this shit

  • Atit Shah

    Neat graphics.


  • Carley Fraser


  • Ema

    Someone with taste. If you’re going to bash, go somewhere else.

  • Danya

    Pocahontas had a tattoo! And thirding the facial expression dislike.

  • Anonymous
  • Kayla Critchlow-Winter

    Nice idea, but the Princesses arms are unusually long and misshapen.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous
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  • David Villavicencio

    These are all beautiful pieces, one thing though, I believe the second to last one is of a mexican “calavera” woman, not voodoo precisely but close. Basically a skeleton that they use for the day of the dead. The aztec or mayan calendar behind her also hints to that. 

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  • Justin Morgan

    It’s been more than 30 years since “getting ink done” meant being a rebel. You’re hardly breaking the mold by getting a tattoo these days. NOT getting a tattoo is more likely to make you a rebel.

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  • Anonymous
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  • vejiicakes

    No need to imagine–Disney princesses Pocahontas and Kida had tats.

  • Lavender Bones

    Umm… Kita from Atlantis had tattoos, and Pocahontas had either an armband or a tattoo on her arm, so, …/cool story, bro

  • Lorena Woodfine

    It’s on a google image search -  ‘men with disney tattoos’

  • Dbakeca Italia

    old school tattoo…nice