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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Real Or Not Real?

Which Hunger Games Character Topped A 2012 List Of Popular Baby Names?

It’s not a new trend to name your child after a favorite character from pop-culture but the last few years have lent themselves to trendy names from film making their way to the top of the list. For the last few years, Twilight’s Bella has been a popular name but this year it’s another young adult franchise that’s getting everyones’ attention – The Hunger Games. One of the characters took the number one spot on a preview list of what’s going to be hot this year, while a second name from the series also made it onto their radar. I think you’ll be surprised at the results. 

NameBerry has culled this year’s tributes, er, candidates, for the most influential entertainment sources when it comes to naming babies. The site says The Hunger Games has taken over from Twilight as the “primary cultural influence on names, the hottest boys’ names taking a cue from the girls, and musical names trumping Hollywood for inspiration.” So which Hunger Games character is getting the most attention? It’s not Katniss…it’s Rue!

“In an analysis of nearly 3 million views of Nameberry’s individual name pages in the first quarter of 2012 compared with the same period last year, these names are enjoying the biggest jumps in attention,” they wrote.  The other Hunger Games character on the list is one that might surprise you. It’s Cato, the tribute from District 2.

“Cato might be a villain in The Hunger Games, but the popular series turned attention on a name that fits into a couple of other hot trends,” they write. “It’s an ancient Roman name that, like brothers Atticus and Cassius, is being resurrected by modern parents.”

I also must point out that the name Aria has landed on the list. They attribute that to musical influences but I like to think it’s fans of Game of Thrones who spelled Arya wrong and just really want their daughter to grow up as tough as her.

(via Blastr)

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  • Anonymous

    And another name that can be shortened to “C/Kate” makes the list. Excellent.

    If I ever named a child after a character in a book it would be Yossarian from Catch 22. Just so I could say “Yossarian? What kind of name is Yossarian?” all the time.

  • Kifre

    Oh I was hoping when I clicked through it would be Rue and Cato! I …would feel a little silly the first time I ran into a Peeta on the street….

  • Terence Ng

    Since there’s been a resurgence of old names, like Emma and Jane, I was thinking Effie might show up, but it seems that her characterization is too strong to be deemed a good baby name. Surprised by Cato, but I guessed Rue would be on the list. I’m surprised that Gale hasn’t made it…

  • Anonymous

    Good lord, don’t name a daughter Arya!  I love the character, but she’s a sociopath.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I don’t agree with you at all but Cato is ok in your book?

  •!/justjennyjones Jenny

    Aria? People just want to name their kids after kick-ass Asari crime bosses, I guess. 

  • l g

    Or Aria from Pretty Little Liars.  Hopefully their child will not grow up to wear as ridiculious outfits though. ugh.

  • Chakacoaster

    I actually love the name Cinna. For a girl though.

  • Laura Van Fleteren

    Ever since I read the book (Game of Thrones) seven or so years ago, Arya has been the name chosen for my first born daughter, much to the dismay of my mother, who didn’t understand the reference. However, now that she’s actually watching the show on HBO, she’s starting to come around. ;) Random sidenote: My first born son will be named Alexander Gabriel after Lex Luthor and Gabriel Gray (Sylar). lol 

  • Laura Van Fleteren

    My boyfriend just likes to say ‘Peeta’ in funny voices as a mispronunciation of ‘Peter’ so I doubt I could take that name seriously either. lol

  • Terence Ng

    I could never name a boy Cinna because of FF IX.

  • Terence Ng
  • natasiarose

    I’ve always loved the name Rue…because of Rue McClanahan from the Golden Girls. I might  name a pet Katniss, I love the name but it’s a little too out there to saddle a kid with.

  • MsMooreinDC

    Rue, huh? Well, then. I’m so not original. 

  • Frodo Baggins

    In other news, a lot of mothers are named “Kanga.”

  • Amanda Allen

     My cat’s name is Rue, I named her before HG came out… I always liked it too. #hipster?

  • Sam Heidinger

     That’s the same reason I could never name any person Cinna. He creeped me out! Haha!

  • Anonymous

    Atticus! I’ve wanted to name a son Atticus ever since I read “To Kill a Mickingbird” the first time. I dunno if I’ll be able to convince my hypothetical future son’s father, however. 

  • Anonymous

    I  always liked the name Marcus for a baby boy.

  • Katherine

     Gale could be considered too feminine. Where I’m from it’s often a name you see in older women. People might think twice about giving to their children when they have prior associations with it.

  • Amy C.

    I kind of really love the name `Haymitch`

  • Jules

    I was sure it’d be Finnick, that’s such a cool name

  • leigh

    Marry someone Greek whose father is named Atticus and it will greatly increase your odds :)

  • Megan

    Yeah, uhhh Aria is from Pretty Little Liars. That’s why it’s popular, come on do some more research. 

  • Sydney Bickford

    arya from game of thrones is definitely more badass

  • Anna B

    I would spell Arya with a Y if I ever named my kid that.

  • Alli

    I came here thinking it would be Prim/Primrose.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not saying Cato’s better, but GoT is more my fandom. ;)

    And while Arya remains one of my favorite characters, she really seems to be turning into a budding little sociopath.  I’m not saying she’s not somewhat justified, but she’s showing every sign of no longer adhering to normal human social contracts, such as they are within Westeros and surrounds. She’s developing into a little Westerosi equivalent of Dexter Morgan, in other words.  

    Which is great story!  But I think I’d cringe a little inside if someone I knew named their daughter Arya after her, in the same way I’d cringe a little if someone I knew named their kid Dexter after Dexter Morgan.