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Good News Everyone!

The Best X-Men News Since Yesterday: Hugh Jackman in Talks for Days of Future Past

Yesterday brought us the official news that the older versions of everybody’s favorite mutant parenting couple odd couple were up for Days of Future Past, the sequel to X-Men: First Class. That is, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart have both signed to the production. Today brings us news that another X-Men standby won’t just walk away with the movie’s only F-bomb and the summer’s best cameo in one sitting. This time he might be around a bit longer.

According to the Hollywood Reporter’s sources, Hugh Jackman, who was tired of maintaining his Wolverine physique during the long delay in getting The Wolverine to production almost exactly a year ago, is going to be on that chicken breast diet for a while yet:

Sources confirm that Hugh Jackman is in negotiations to reprise his Wolverine role in the movie, which is ostensibly a sequel to X-Men: First Class but will prominently feature actors from the first X-Men trilogy…

It’s already cool that director Bryan Singer seems to be getting his old band back together to meet their younger counterparts. But the idea of a grumpy, time-travelling Wolverine delights me to no end. I bet he gets airsick in time machines, too. If negotiations are already under way (the movie isn’t set to premiere until 2014), this is unlikely to be just a cameo performance.

Maybe the movie’s production can provide Mr. Jackman some chicken breasts gratis for his participation.

(via The Hollywood Reporter.)

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  • Jeyl

    Call me a kill joy, but I’m not enthusiastic about this news at all. One of the greatest accomplishments that First Class managed to achieve was being able to tell an X-Men story without having Wolverine. I really don’t want this new series to break away from that and become Wolverine dependent again.

  • Brittany N. Harris

    If they bring back Rogue, which wouldn’t be a bad idea since she had a relationship with Magneto I really REALLY hope they cast someone other than Anna Paquin…

  • J.S. MacDougall

    Agreed, my problem with the original three X-Men films is that they are basically “Wolverine and some X-Men you know” films.

  • Anonymous

    Well, they’re taking cues from the comic book world where the rule is pretty much:

    Is Wolverine in this book? If no, put him in. If yes, put in a clone of Wolverine or an offspring of Wolverine or a shapeshifter posing as Wolverine just in case…

  • Anonymous

    He is a pretty major charactor in the comic it’s based on! Sorry if that’s bad news to you :)

  • Jeyl

    That’s a strange comment. For one thing, I never said he wasn’t a major character in the comics. I simply stated that X-Men doesn’t need to rely solely on him like the first four films have done. There are plenty of interesting characters who are not jerks that the stories can follow.

  • Anonymous

    I get that, I’m saying something way more specific, which is “Days Of Future Past”, the comic itself, has Wolverine as a major char. You couldn’t make that comic into a movie without Wolverine. So it doesn’t seem like “news” he is in it.

  • Phoenix Blackmoon

    “Old Man Logan” is one of my favorite versions of Wolverine. While it’s unfortunate that the studio has so over-saturated the audience with Wolverine (including sub par films centered around him) he is a crucial and interesting part of this story. However, I’m really frustrated and worried that Bryan Singer will lead this film down a rabbit hole. While “X-Men: First Class” was very flawed (ahem, representations of women and people of color? Sigh) it had great style, a good use of the time period, and excellent performances from the leads. Taking us into the past, or the “future past” could so easily become a rehash of all that was lacking in the original Singer vision. I will even go out on a limb and say that despite what it does wrong, “X3″ was a better film in than the first, and only slightly inferior to the second in the X-Men franchise. I have seen Singer make bold mistakes with classic X-Men tales (X2 being adapted from “God Loves, Man Kills”) and I just wish that we had a fresh director to take on this material.

    End nerd rant.

  • Phoenix Blackmoon

    I’ve grown to think that Anna Paquin playing Rogue more like her performance as Sookie on “True Blood” would be an improvement. Who would you cast as Rogue? I always envision her as older, not one of the students bu a mentor.

  • Phoenix Blackmoon

    And one more thing: Kitty Pryde is the main character in the original comic. She and Colossus are the most heavily featured in the story, and I for one would prefer recasting their roles.