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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

This is just like magic!

Hufflepuff Pride Goes Gaga

Hufflepuffs have gotten a lot of flack over the years. It’s always been there, lurking beneath the surface; I noticed in particular when I [and the head editor of this site] found myself sorted into the house on Pottermore. Hufflepuffs are sometimes rumored to be the stoner house, the left-overs (or “spares”); we’re generally regarded as friendly and particularly good finders, and a lot of us are said to love badgers, but Hufflepuff’s identity has always been somewhat more nebulous than the rest of the houses.  J.K. Rowling, for all of her infinite wisdom, instilled a strangely deep-seated house rivalry in many of the readers of her books, and it’s manifested itself most often in the parodies the series provokes. Like this one, a rousing call to Hufflepuff pride in the form of a song parody of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” So ignore the fact that our most famous member went on to be a sparkly vampire, and simply marvel in how many different ways there are to make club outfits out of yellow and black.

(via youtube)

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  • Anna Sophia May

    I’ve always been a hufflepuff- even as a kid, I knew that I just wouldn’t fit in the other houses. I don’t mind not being the hero. I even dressed up for graduation, since my robes were yellow, and pinned a Puff crest over my school mascot! ( and tied a cat sized toy badger to my cap.)

  • Anonymous

    this is cute, but holy hell is it SHRILL.

  • Erik Tande

    This video is awesome!  Hufflepuffs are totally the party house.

  • Anonymous

    I prefer to think of it as ‘our most famous member went on to be a wildling in Game of Thrones’ but perhaps I have selective memory.

  • Brian

    I make images for my friends on Facebook where I sort various fictional characters. It’s for a laugh, but I do put thought into it. When I decided to actually sort my friends, I put myself in Hufflepuff without hesitation. I’d also like to note that they are the only house that never produced a Death Eater.

  • Brian

    Incidentally, Hufflepuffs have included Leslie Knope, Brienne of Tarth, Aang, the 2nd, 5th, and 11th Doctors, and Pinkie Pie.

  • Laura Crook

    Who’s the elusive Ravenclaw Death Eater? I’m searching my mind, but I can’t think of anyone…

  • Xandra Dust

    This was such an awesome video! There needs to be more Hufflepuff Pride in the world. Whenever I get on Pottermore the newly sorted always complain about being there. They need to get over themselves and accept that they are in the most awesome house!

    Anyways, I like to think that instead of our most famous member going on to be a sparkly vampire, he was just a totally kickass superhero in sparkly skin. 

    Hello, super speed AND super strength=SUPERMAN! Therefore, our Famous member went on to being Superman. He would’ve been way better off with Lois, though. I’m not even touching that.

  • Brian

    Quirrel. Technically not a Death Eater, I suppose, but he more than earned his honorary membership.

  • Anonymous

    This calls to mind Methods of Rationality, where Harry makes a pretty convincing case for Hufflepuff being the best house. He’s actually disappointed he didn’t end up there, IIRC.

    (I’d love to be in Hufflepuff, given the choice, but I don’t think I qualify. I’m far from hardworking enough.)

  • bananas

    Most famous member? I think that title belongs to Tonks!! Cedric Diggory was only in the limelight for one book.

  • bananas

    A rather lecherous Superman, if you ask me.

  • Brian

    Superman’s probably a Hufflepuff, too. Friendship, honesty, work ethic, tolerance. He’s also a strong contender for Gryffindor, of course.