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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

Meet Fashion Designer, Fan Artist, Game of Thrones Nerd Hogan McLaughlin

  1. 1.Womens' Costumes from Game of Thrones Season Two Womens' Costumes from <em>Game of Thrones</eM> Season Two

    Unless a different link is provided you can click on each pic to see it bigger.

  2. 2.Ladies of A Song of Ice and Fire Ladies of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Click to embiggen.

  3. 3.The Baratheon Brothers The Baratheon Brothers
  4. 4.Brienne of Tarth Brienne  of Tarth
  5. 5.House Lannister House Lannister
  6. 6.House Stark House Stark
  7. 7.House Targaryen House Targaryen
  8. 8.Khal Drogo Khal Drogo
  9. 9.Margaery Tyrell Margaery Tyrell
  10. 10.Melisandre Melisandre
  11. 11.Noble Houses of Westeros Noble Houses of Westeros

    Click to embiggen.

  12. 12.Margaery Tyrell as Queen Margaery Tyrell as Queen
  13. 13.Jojen and Meera Reed Jojen and Meera Reed
  14. 14.Tommen and Margaery Tommen and Margaery
  15. 15.A Song of Ice and Fire Character Chart A Song of Ice and Fire Character Chart

    Click here for a large-enough-to-see version. A key is here. If you like this you should really click around McLaughlin's DA for larger, individual drawings of Game of Thrones characters major and minor alike.

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  • Erica Slade

    so so beautiful.

  • Fartbutt

    He is giving me a b*ner bc his toes are little pieces of heaven