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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Fashion for Nonhumans

The Hipster X-Men: Being Accepted By Society Is SO 1990s

A lot of X-Men members would love to be accepted and integrated into society but the Hipster X-Men couldn’t care less. You can thank artist Nate Bellegarde for that. Hit the jump to check out his hipster redesigns of more X-Men ladies. 

I remember seeing Bellegarde’s Hipster Big Barda print up for sale a while back but had no idea he’d done a series of X-Men in the same fashion. This first one is my favorite…

…although this Kitty Pryde one is pretty great too. See more of Bellegarde’s work on his blog.

(via io9)


  • Unicorn

    hipster… trash? hipster fashion means to mix and match vintage with modern. it’s suppose to be artsy. this looks more like kate moss LA chic parody. a lot of people hate on hipster as a blanket term against youth just like how emo was wrongly overused.

  • Terence Ng

    I dunno. I’m seeing a lot of modern mixed with vintage here.

  • Adam R. Charpentier

    We can’t hate on emos, either?

  • Anonymous

    As a young person who knows other young people who are self identified hipsters, I’m seeing a lot of the same stuff I see my friends wearing. 

    Also, I’m not sure about your point about ‘hipster being a blanket term against youth’. I’ve never seen anyone hate on hipsters more than other young people. Usually I have to explain what the term means to adults.

  • Anna B

    I sometimes find hipsters–in the cliche sense–funny and ridiculous, but I can’t really hate them for real. I didn’t realize that hipsters are “youth” considering all hipsters I know happen to be in their 30s. 

  • Liam Payne

    Great art, but sorry. This doesn’t resemble “hipsters” at all. Not even close.

  • Terence Ng

    Damn. Then all the hipster bars in Carrboro, NC must be doing it wrong.

  • Dessa Brewington

    A couple of these are hipster…  But most of them aren’t.

  • Jennifer

    hipster emma frost is yo-landi vi$$er.

  • Francesca M


  • Null

    Whatever, dude. X-Men were SO 1990s.

  • Curt Cansler

    Didn’t Marvel do a book like this called NYX?

  • bananas

    OH MY GOD can Emma please look like this from now on???

  • Anonymous

     Yeah I think Carrboro is more “dirty hippie” than “hipster.”  And I say this with great affection. ( :  

  • Cameron Rene Ramirez

    They look more like fashionista X-Women. There isn’t enough stone wash jeans, animal parts (especially feathers or bones), or empire waisted anything. Though that Emma Frost is very Grimes/Die Antwood.  The internets should kinda get over the whole geek, hipster rivalry seeing as how there is so much intermingling between the two especially in bigger cities. Besides Lockheed should totally be sporting some ironic thug threads.

  • Aaron Smith

    If you don’t warn your children about hipsters, then who will?

  • Kyle Saunders

    Nate does indeed draw some fantastic artwork, however I’d just like to take a moment and warn any of you interested in purchasing his original work (which he occasionally offers on his blog) not to do so. I won’t get into details, but it was an unfortunate experience.

  • theperfectnose

    Agree with Unicorn-none of these look hipster to me.