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Her Universe Teases Star Wars Dresses, Makes Us Drool

Not going to lie, the Star Wars dresses Her Universe’s Ashely Eckstein recently showed off on Instagram sent me into a brief consumerist frenzy. I want them. I want them all. None moreso than the third dress, which I’ve placed behind the jump so that my fellow Rogue Squadron fans will at least have some warning before their heart palpitations start.

Judging by the #hottopic tag, that’s where the first two dresses at least will soon be available for purchase. I cannot wait.

(via: Fashionably Geek)

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  • Renee I.

    So cute! Totally looking forward to seeing her at C2E2 tomorrow. :)

  • Betty Windsor

    Reasons to go into Hot Topic.
    1. Star Wars Dresses
    2. Star Wars Dresses
    3. Star Wars Dresses

  • Lisa Millar

    I need that Death Star dress. I have a few items from Her Universe and they are fantastic quality, LOVE this store so much. ( I own the manga Star Wars hoody and it is basically the best hoody ever. Also have the Doctor Who Van Gogh tee, and again it is fabulous)
    I just hope they do a fat size, as I am actually a Death Star in human form.

  • Anonymous

    I love the first one the best.

  • David Ouillette

    Why can’t we ever see these wonderful indie designers on Project Runway? =)

  • sukeban

    It’s the tenugui I’ll always regret not buying back when I was in Tokyo in 2009.

    No, seriously, Heart ( has a whole line of Star Wars tenugui, tote bags and other stuff that mix Star Wars with ukiyo-e imagery. And they’re awesome. Here they are at Heart’s Rakuten shop:

  • Lamb

    Ashley was wearing the one on the right (with Luke’s face front and center) at C2E2 yesterday with the HerUniverse Leia hoodie. Best outfit ever! The third dress, however, is the one I’m most excited about as well- mostly due to it being a cut that is more what I would wear, rather than the rather slim previous dresses.

  • Mike Eitel

    Holy crap I have no way to share this article with facebook, am I going to have to cut and copy the link like I am writing on a cave wall?