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She Turned Me Into a Newt!

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Gets a Red Band Trailer, Cursing

Contention roils within the Mary Sue offices on whether Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters looks like yet another ill advised attempt to blockbuster up a Grimm’s fairy tale that’s taking itself way too seriously; or a spiritual sucessor to films like Van Helsing or Sleepy Hollow that took themselves just seriously enough to go right around the bend to being dark comedy action movies. Either way, it’s the rare action film with a male and female lead who are not in a romantic relationship, so we’re keeping an eye on it.

There isn’t really much more gore or violence in this trailer than those that have come before. There is, however a bit of NSFW language, so be warned.

(via MTV Movies.)


  • J. Lee Milliren

    It looks pretty hilarious to me, I’ll probably see it

  • Sophie

    I always feel a bit awkward when I see films about witches in which we’re supposed to support the witch hunters. A part of me can’t help remembering that the witch trials were one of the greatest acts of femicide in European history, and since I grew up with that knowledge I have a predilection for taking the witches’ side.

  • Jason Hunt

    I like the concept of the movie, but can;t help but feel it would have been better served being made by a German or Scandinavian cast/ensemble. Hansel and Gretel have and never should sound American.

  • Denise

    I’m thinking the cheese factor will be pretty high, but I’ll see it. Everyone needs cheese once in awhile :)

  • Life Lessons

    My only problem with this movie is the hatred towards witches, or, you guessed it, women. Plus I’m tired of witches always being mistreated. Nobody beats up on wizards……

  • Feanna

    Yeah, I don’t think I could watch it, because I barely lived through the trailer – Because of the pronunciation of Hansel.
    The original is Hänsel and if you’re dropping the ä in English – fine! But then don’t try to make HANSEL sound German, because the English pronunciation would actually have come closer to the original.
    (Of course this might not be the moviemakers fault but an established thing in English retellings.)
    I mean, they pronounce Getel in English, I’d have been fine with an English sounding name for Hänsel. What I got in the trailer seemed somehow fake (most of the theater reacted to the name – badly).