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Watch Guillermo del Toro’s Simpsons Intro, Full of Pan’s Labyrinth Allusions

The fantasy/horror master’s extended Halloween-themed Simpsons intro has been released online, and yes, it’s a loving homage to the history of horror in cinema, but is also chock full of references to Guillermo del Toro‘s most geek beloved movies.

And Hypnotoad. (Warning! This video plays automatically!)

(via Indiewire.)

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  • Anonymous

    I need about ten million screengrabs to catch all the cool stuff. I did catch the jaeger vs. kauji in the bg near the beginning.

  • Anonymous


  • Suzanne Larsen


  • Yurifan

    So awesome!

  • It’s Ben Siegel

    You had me at Blade Carl…

  • Anonymous

    I’m not seeing any video. :-(

  • Anonymous


  • Jill Pantozzi

    You realize we have no control over that, right? Try googling a work around, I know some people have mentioned it in the comments on other videos.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Hit reload, it should be there…

  • Anonymous

    Nope, just getting a blank space.

  • Anonymous

    If you use noscript or something like that you’ll have to check the permissions.

  • Psychotronic (Michael F.)

    For those experiencing issues with the player, there is a YouTube version now available via Fox’s Animation Domination channel.

  • Fisty

    I’m glad to know they have this planned but I’m waiting til Sunday to see it. I’m just glad the Treehouse of Horror actually falls in October this year.

  • frankenmouse

    That was amazingly excellent. All those references to classic horror writers/movies/etc. I really appreciated all the shout outs to horror writers (I caught King, Bradbury, Poe, and Lovecraft) and Alfred Hitchcock. Plus I caught a glimpse of “Zippy the Pinhead” as he appeared in the movie “Freaks.” That’s a deep cut right there.


  • Katy

    I loved the shout out to the authors too! I really liked Bradbury with the Illustrated Man.

  • Katy

    There is a version of it on YouTube from the channel Animation Domination that works in Canada, so it’s might work for you depending where you are.

  • Katy

    I know! I felt that I caught a lot of it, but I know I missed a lot. Give it a couple of days and I’m sure someone will have screengrabs of every reference.

  • Anonymous

    Aw don’t ruin the Hypnotoad surprise.

  • Willie F. Deleon

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  • Laura Truxillo

    Dude, that really was Phantom of the Paradise? I thought was, but then it’s like, nah, that is waaay to obscure to be here.

  • Emily Hill