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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

A Lesson in Humility

A Nice Response to Greg Horn’s Legitimately Disturbing Catwoman Portrait

So, first, Greg Horn did this:

A drawing of Batman forcing Catwoman to drink milk out of a pet bowl as she presents her rear to him. Well, perhaps he’s not forcing her. Perhaps he just stumbled upon her in this situation, her body in one of those highly unlikely physical contortions you get when an artist realizes how difficult it is to get a woman to show of her shiny tits and her shiny ass at the same time. (Also where the hell did her feet go?)

But then artist Phil Noto drew this:

For writers Gail Simone (Birds of Prey) and Marjorie Liu (x-23).

So that makes it a little bit better.

(via Comics Alliance.)

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  • Gobo

    Oh for god’s sake. Ridiculous.

  • Dead End

    She doesn’t need feet, since she’s got magical hover-knees.

  • Fencer

    Batman also appears to be missing at least one foot.

  • Kifre

    Everything below the mid-thigh, really.

  • Shard Aerliss

    She’s clearly set up a mirror on the floor and is checking out her own reflection, to see how she looks. We all know she’s a kinky mare (I mean, hello; leather cat suit!), she’s just perfecting some moves/positions. Batman’s obviously just stumbled on her being weird. His whole pose and the look on his face just say “Catwoman… wh-what are you doing? And why do you have ears… and are those glasses you’re wearing, in your crime fighting/doing outfit? And why are you doing it OUTSIDE? It’s snowing and that’s totally unhygienic.”

    Okay… bit carried away there. He’s starting to sound more like Spiderman in my head now.

  • Wesley Smith

    1) There was a time when Greg Horn wasn’t a complete hack.
    2) Considering that Batman is wearing, I believe, his most current costume, makes me wonder if this is an actual cover to a Batman title.
    3) I haven’t been keeping up with Batman for the past few years, but that is NOT Selina Kyle. The fact that Catwoman’s face is clearly the focus of the shot makes me wonder if this was perhaps a commissioned piece.
    4) On the other hand, it could mean that this is Horn’s sophomoric commentary on someone.

  • Arakiba

    That’s f’d up.

  • Sarah

    I really wish his expression was clear instead of in shadow and did look like he didn’t know WTF he was seeing. And then I would like a companion portrait of him hanging from a bar somewhere by his knees all batlike with a goofy grin and Catwoman standing nearby in disbelief. That would be truly funny.

  • Lionmml

    Seriously like the new version. :)

  • Shard Aerliss

    lol, yes! There could be a little series of them (ignoring the heroes/villains who live up to their silly names). Robin sitting on a fence in snow, singing his little heart out. Nightcrawler digging around in the dirt. Batgirl eating a moth. Avalanche rolling down a hill (this one amuses way more than it should).

  • Sam Fleming

    Batman *has* to be complicit because he has milk in his hand.