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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

Game Of Thrones Creators Go Behind The Scenes Of This Week’s Shocking Episode

Sunday’s wild and wacky episode of Game of Thrones has been getting a lot of attention, mostly because of fan reaction (even from the actors themselves!) after the fact. Above is the normal, weekly inside look at the episode but considering how much happened, HBO made another especially to go inside the wedding. Spoilers all around, of course, and second video after the jump!

(via Collider)

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  • Anonymous

    Based on what they were saying, I don’t think this is the kind of show I want to watch anymore.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a little confused by what you mean? They seem genuinely upset they won’t be on set much anymore and that they really cared for the characters as well. I don’t see how that would make someone not want to watch anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed; I was shocked that they killed off Rainbow Dash. Shocked!

  • Anonymous

    I like how Google brings up wedding registry ads for this article. >.<

  • Anonymous

    Their comments that this sequence was a big part of why they wanted to do this series. They seemed to be saying that the red wedding was indicative of the overall storyline. I prefer my fiction where the good guys win at least once in a while. Even Joss Whedon gives you that.

  • DemonicPIty

    If you’re a fan of straight forward good vs evil + happy endings, then yes, the books and the show are going to tug on your heart strings. Every character is expendable, and the Red Wedding is not the last time George RR Martin proves this. I would still continue watching/reading. The story is so compelling. Also, no other fantasy author has the balls (traditional, and lady variation) to kill off the good guys as well as the bad guys. It makes for very compelling, dramatic, storytelling. I for one appreciate how accurate that element is to real life. Sometimes the good die young.

  • Laszlo

    It’s not as simple as “good guys die, bad guys win”. Don’t worry, bad things will happen to bad guys as well.

  • Lady Viridis

    Game of Thrones is very much a story about how actions have consequences, both good and bad. Robb made a huge mistake when he broke his oath to the Freys. If you go back and watch even in the first and second seasons, Catelyn repeatedly tells him how Walder Frey takes huge offense at every slight and holds very long grudges. The Red Wedding, horrific as it is, is a consequence of that mistake (plus some Lannister scheming).

    However, the Red Wedding itself has consequences. The Freys have broken the sacred protection of guest right, and the rest of Westeros is NOT going to be pleased about that. The Lannisters, too, will eventually be held to account for their crimes. It just takes them longer, because they are less obvious and better at scheming than the Starks– less easy targets.

    Like many stories, things have to get much worse before they get better– Game of Thrones just makes the stakes much higher than many other stories. I still maintain some hope for a bittersweet ending, if not a happy one… but I’m also pretty sure we’re going to see a lot of characters dead and a possible invasion of ice zombies before we get there.

  • Jen Rock

    Replying to you is very difficult without giving away spoilers, but basically… how the heck do you know the good guys never win? You don’t. This season isn’t over and this book – the best book in the series IMO is only halfway through. Quitting halfway through anything is silly, especially when it’s well done, with brilliant actors and care to be true to the source material.

  • Anonymous

    I get enough real life in my real life. I don’t particularly need or want it in my escapism. I kept with the show after the first season because it isn’t often that TV surprises me. I decided not to read the rest of the books after finding out the first one could have been the script for the first season. Well, they’ve gone from surprising me to disappointing me.

    I gave up on Burn Notice last year because it stopped being fun. I gave up on Revolution about six episodes in because the characters were too stupid to have survived as long as they had. So, I have a history of dropping shows I don’t enjoy.

    Unless something happens to turn me around in the last episode, I probably won’t watch next season.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that’s fair to the show, I mean you’re free to enjoy whatever fiction you choose, and I really do get kind of bored of the “BUT GOT IS REALISTIC” argument, it is, more so than Lord of the Rings or something, I suppose. It is your choice, but I do have to say that Game of Thrones has many, many, many good people winning out, it’s just hard earned and hard fought. I see where they were going when they wanted to make a scene like the red wedding, because it’s fascinating to change the story like that event did. It’s very much, like you mentioned, a Joss Whedon story, I guess you didn’t enjoy season 6? (Which may be my favorite) like the episode where ****SPOILERS**** Tara dies? Joss certainly got a lot of hate for that, but it was absolutely awesome story telling.

  • Aeryl

    The Red Wedding is a powerful piece of storytelling. They wanted to get to it, because they wanted to convey that power in a different medium.

    It’s also a huge game changing event in the story, it shakes the world and forces everyone to change. It’s the catalyst for so much stuff that happens later. The heroes have been brought low. Which will only make their rise to victory, all the more satisfying.

  • Aeryl

    Unfortunately, all the things that would turn you around have been put into the next season, because the fallout from this event is epic and will take a whole season to work through.

  • Jen Rock

    I guess we’re all a bit disappointed to hear you (and others around the internet) say that because to those of us who know the storyline, this does not make the plot bad, dull, or unreadable/unwatchable. It’s one point in a story that is overall extremely satisfying. Your other examples are because show tone changes or it’s poorly written. GoT (admittedly a show many of us cheerleaders love through the hard times and the good), does not go downhill because of this event.
    This event is not out of character for the show at all, I mean come on – the FIRST episode of Season 1 had rape, incest, violence toward children, and violence toward women.
    It is consistent and great storytelling and we wish you’d stick around.

  • Melynda

    You just said that you like shows to surprise you so the one event that surprised all of the non-reader viewers of this show is going to make you turn it off because good doesn’t always win? How did you make it this far into this series then?

  • Anonymous

    There are good surprises and bad surprises. This wasn’t the first surprise, more of a last straw.

  • Nat

    Admittedly I would say the book’s scene had more resonace because you were in the head of one of the characters. In this is was just sudden and quick. I couldn’t help but think of all the blood packs and prosthetics of this scene so I wasn’t actually horrified. The outcry is from those who had no idea this was coming and IMO making a big deal.
    Frankly, I was just wishing for more Joffrey and Robb duality comparisons. Anyone have any essays that compare their storylines?

  • Amourah

    So they read the Red Wedding scene and were like “Yeah bro! Let’s totes make this into a TV show!!!”

    When I read that scene I decided G. Martin was a sadist and dug himself into a plot hole that he would never be able to get out of (read “A Fest for Crows” and “A Dance with Dragons” for proof)

    Meh. MEH!

  • Anonymous

    The problem though, is, as of the most recent novel, all the perpetrators of the Red Wedding massacre are very much alive.

  • Lady Viridis

    Which novel are we talking about? By book 5… (Rot13 for spoilers): Gljva Ynaavfgre vf qrnq, naq juvyr Jnyqre Serl vf fgvyy xvpxvat, dhvgr n srj bgure Serlf unir orra xvyyrq, fcrpvsvpnyyl orpnhfr gurl ner Serlf. Jlzna Znaqreyl pbbxf guerr bs gurz vagb cvrf, naq gurer’f n jubyr onaq bs crbcyr tbvat bhg gelvat gb xvyy rirel Serl gurl pna. Ebbfr Obygba vf abg qrnq… ohg gur fvghngvba ng Jvagresryy vf uneqyl tbvat jryy sbe uvz be nal bs gur Serlf jvgu uvz.

  • Anonymous

    I see. I stopped reading somewhere in book 4 or 5 I believe. Still, somewhere in book five will be what? Season 10, season 11 of the tv show? That’s a long time to wait for some equality.

  • Lady Viridis

    Actually, I think it’s only going to be a few more years. Book 3 part 2 will be Season 4. Because of the way Book 4 and 5 are split by characters and not time, I think they will be able to cover most of those events in seasons 5 and 6. So not THAT long to wait, really. Especially considering how long these books are.

  • Anonymous

    I just ran the cypher. So, yes, I was correct. None of the perpetrators of the red wedding are dead in the latest book… Isn’t that exactly the point of the angst in the comments here? Look at the defenders… “Weddings are no longer safe!” What?

    LOL it’s all good. I am just baffled at all the comments here that promise consequences in upcoming episodes / seasons. Nopes. GRR Martin is a sadist. He enjoys writing about bad people doing bad things.