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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

Monstrously Unnecessary Godzilla Reboot Due in 2014

We sympathize with the journalist

Today, in Completely Arbitrary and Unnecessary Reboots (an occurrence now so rampant I feel it deserves its own section of the entertainment Internet, much less this site), Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have announced their intentions to release a new Godzilla movie on May 16, 2014. This trundling behemoth is being wheeled out once again by its US licensees, and we’re going to have to contain our surprise as best we can when the beast levels a famous landmark. C’mon! We just rebuilt that!

The city-stomping reptilian menace was most recently seen in a US production in 1998′s confounding attempt (starring, among others, Matthew Broderick and Jean Reno playing the same character that Jean Reno always plays), and again in Godzilla 2001, which I have to admit with zero shame that I never got around to seeing. Not even on an airplane. He’s been spotted many times throughout the 2000s in Japanese multiplexes, so perhaps Warners felt it was time to get a piece of the action. Produced in partnership with Japanese company Toho, the makers are promising a “gritty, realistic” return to the monster’s roots, fitting since it’s being helmed by David Callaham, who worked on The Expendables, and David S. Goyer, writer on the Dark Knight trilogy. The film will be directed by Monsters helmer Gareth Edwards, and is yet to be cast.

The fan question here is not so much “Do we really need another one of these?” In giant monster movies, that’s not really a concern. Even so, Gojira-lovin’ folk might be wondering if, with 50 years of history behind the basic concept, another one on the pile will really merit their attendance.

I’ll start loading up the missile launcher now.

(via Deadline)

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    the broderick version was an embarrassment to any true godzilla fan… please, keep him in his native japan… and please, spare us the b.s. plotlines, and for that matter, spare us any plot… we don’t care for the people in these movies, other than seeing them squashed like bugs… we don’t care if the cub reporter gets his big break or if he gets the girl… godzilla’s fans just want to see random destruction…

  • Justin Harrison

    Personally, I’m actually looking forward to this. Edwards’ “Monsters” was a pretty awesome little film, and ComicCon’s response was pretty positive. Mark me down as cautiously optimistic.

  • Travis Kyle Fischer

    I haven’t seen a good giant monster movie since Cloverfield, so bring it on.

  • Zokoke

    We just want to see random destruction? If I wanted to see random destruction, I’d watch the news on Libya and the middle east. Have you even SEEN the original Godzilla. And I mean the 1954 version released by Toho, not the dubbed US version that came out in 1955. It wasn’t a straight up monster movie, but a response and reflection of both the atomic bombings of WW2 and the nuclear testing in the Bikini Islands of the 1950s by the US. If you watch the actual movie, many of the scenes take place in hospital with people who were suffering the effects of radiation sickness. For the 1950′s it is pretty gruesome. And that fact that it’s not exaggerated, but that that is an accurate portrayal of what happened when the A-Bomb was dropped really drives it home.

  • Zokoke

    You do realize that Godzilla 2000, not 2001, was made by Toho, the studio that created Godzilla. And Godzilla 2000 began production in 1998, even before the POS Tristar movie came out. Besides, from what I have read, they are working close with Toho to take Godzilla to his roots. Besides, have YOU seen the movie that hasn’t even started filming yet? Don’t knock it until you see it. THEN, you may say that you don’t like it…as long as you back it up with facts. Me? I’m keeping an open mind. It might be good, it might be bad. I won’t know until I see it with my own eyes.

  • Michael Emig

    Fourteen years. That’s how long it’s been since the last time Hollywood produced an American Godzilla movie. Fourteen years. So this is a “completely arbitrary and unnecessary reboot” of a fourteen-year-old movie? So how long exactly does it have to be BEFORE a reboot is not “completely arbitrary and unnecessary?”

  • Nick Gaston

    Well, the Toho-distributed film “Always: Sunset on Third Street 2″ had a period Godzilla-cameo dream sequence that was actually pretty fantastic, even with a CGI Godzilla. And I’m told that the animated “Godzilla: The Series,” while based on the 1998 Godzilla, was actually pretty good in terms of plot and monsters. (The art style was pretty top notch, too)

    I hold no hope whatsoever for the 2014 reboot, though. Maybe if they have him fighting King Kong or the Amazing Colossal Man, or something?

  • CW

    When was announced in July the teaser trailer (complete with a Godzilla that actually looks like Godzilla) was well-received:

  • Isaiah Gilliland

    Lots of people seemed to not like it, but I liked the first godzilla remake. Sure it wasn’t full of depth and intrigue and could be cheesy. But does anyone really expect amazing things from a Godzilla movie when concerning the source material? It’s just a movie to watch a huge creature wreck buildings and stomp around and roar. As far as I’m concerned they could reboot it every year. We’re not talking Citizen Kane here.

  • pokeymcgee

    Wow. As someone who isn’t stupid, I don’t even know where to begin
    trying to fix the mistakes in this. I get that not everyone is a G-fan
    and all that, for example, I’m not into Star Wars. But the difference
    here is that, since I don’t know anything about and don’t care about
    Star Wars, I would never write something like this about it that claims
    to be “news” and can’t even get the name of a 13 year old movie right.

    from what I’m seeing, the point of this site seems to be Zelda games
    and not knowing what the word gender means. Neither of those things are
    even tangentially related to Godzilla, so I have no idea why you even
    felt like mentioning this without even bothering to, gee, idunno, glance
    over Godzilla’s wikipedia article or whatever it is stupid people do.

    for the record, the last “reboot” in terms of altering continuity was
    2002′s GxMG. The last reboot as Hollywood understands it, where the
    entire franchise is disregarded and a new IP is called by an older name
    for marketing purposes, was… never. You might could call 98′s ZILLA
    that, but, of course, that’s not a Godzilla movie, it’s a Zilla movie.
    Two legally and artistically distinct characters. Hollywood might think
    it counts, but the owners of the characters do not. Nor do any of the
    fans. Nor does anyone who isn’t stupid.

  • Philomena Marino

    Have a clue before you spout crap. We have only done one Godzilla movie,which was a disaster .Godzilla 2000,not 2001,was Japanese made,with domestic release .Godzilla was retired in Japan,in 2007,after Final Wars . This movie has been in the works since 2009,so yes,the die hard fans are waiting. It was supposed to be released this year ,so finally seeing it move forward ,is encouraging . It will be a new script,which may even use the tsunami as a jumping point .Toho stands to make a lot of money as well . if you don’t know,as I’m sure you don’t,the Godzilla video game is the most popular one out there today ,IN the USA . this movie is for a whole new generation ,and its not the lame RIP OFF CLOVERFIELD WAS ,because that’s all THAT movie was .It a actually GODZILLA

  • Joey Cruz

    Yeesh… this piece was written with such disdain and lack of regard for the actual history of the franchise, I have to wonder why you bothered writing it at all.

  • Anonymous

    Ouch – I think you woke the Beast! As in Gojira lovers!
    Apparently they’re just as unforgiving as the great lizard.

    Not being a Godzilla afficionado myself I still have to admit the Hollywood version was such a monumental failure (only good thing was the RAM soundtrack) I wouldn’t mind a new attempt that had a good script.
    I’m just praying it’s not another Transformers2/Battleship pile of crap.


    thanks for the film history lesson… btw, a bug just called me… he wants out of your ass…