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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


This Girl Dressed As Iron Man For Her 5th Birthday Party

Little Alana chose to don an Iron Man costume for her 5th birthday party. We adore you, Alana. 

Photographer Will Hollis captured the little Tony Stark impersonator, as well as friends and family, at the event.

She even had a donut cake in the shape of Iron Man. You can see his arc reactor, with all the candles in it, in the top image.

NOM! In case you were wondering, although Alana had a superhero theme for herself, she didn’t impose it on the entire party. There were princesses in attendance as well.

(Will Hollis on Flickr via Tipster Lexi)

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  • Anonymous

    The first person who says she should have been dressed as Rescue, the “girl character”, gets a bop in the snoot.

  • John Wao

    Iron Maiden! Alana, brilliant inventor working in obscurity for Stark International. When the Mandarin attacks and has Iron Man on the ropes she quickly seizes the moment and dons one of his armors which she quickly modifies to fit her physique. Soon the tables are turned on the Mandarin and forced to face the combined might of the two Iron clad heroes, he is forced to flee, swearing vengeance on Iron Maiden. In the aftermath Tony Stark realizes it’s time to extend the mantle of “Iron” on to another.

  • allreb

    That little girl is so rad. Rock on, Alana.

  • Todd Wright

    That is so AWESOME!!!

  • Anna B

    Adorable, adorable, adorable.

  • Nikki Lincoln

    I want her Iron Man suit… super jealous. 

  • Caitie Foster

     This would make an awesome movie, lol.  Not to mention simply adorable …

  • Lettice Peyton

    My daughter insisted on dressing as Superman for Halloween the year she turned 4. Not Supergirl. Superman. No reason given, but she insisted.

    I wish I had the picture on this computer. It was awesome.

  • Emily Hill

    This be an awesome comic

  • Emily Hill

    That is so awesome she 20% cooler tahn the women who say little girls she be house wives

  • skyhawk1

    That’s just too cute.

  • skyhawk1

    It’s one of those times I wish I was a parent.  Just adorable.

  • Veronica

    Must be something in the kool-aid… my niece of the same name (spelled Alanah) was Spiderman and Mario, respectively, for the last two Halloweens :)