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Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

Daily Tentacle: A Teaser for the First Footage of A Giant Squid in its Natural Habitat

About a month ago the Discovery Channel announced that a group of its filmmakers, equipped with a submersible and some unfortunate bait, have captured the first footage of a living giant squid in its natural habitat in history. Since then, we’ve been waiting a they teased us with the knowledge of its existence. Okay, maybe I’ve been waiting, but then I was a kid who always inched with horrified fascination over to the darkest corner of the Hall of the Oceans in the Museum of Natural History to peer into the murky squid/spermwhale diorama to glimpse that battle of titans.

Anyway, the Week has found a Japanese program who got just a little bit of the footage as a teaser.

(via the Week.)


  • Captain ZADL

    Yes, yes, but how does it taste?

  • Libra Madisson

    This is very interesting. People from other worlds have informed us through telepathic impulse that there are still numerous types of very large marine animals yet to be discovered, like 20metre across octopus and vast sharks and so fourth.

    Dont you dare tell me I am wrong, especially as your going to use your combustion engine later… chances are you either believe in monkey or god… neither of which explain the asteroid belt.

    Dont be enslaved to other peoples thoughts… try venturing out on your own for once.

  • Captain ZADL

    Or be a crackpot.

  • Crystal Lynn

    Giant squids are the freakiest animals. I blame those giant eyeballs.

  • Anonymous

    Who believes in monkeys? If you say evolutionists/atheists/etc., you have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Tea Sumner

    Wow Discovery, you got that blocked pretty quick.

  • Shuruppag

    The Discovery Channel really sucks.

  • Jennifer LeBost

    “People from other worlds have informed us through telepathic impulse”??? What ARE you smoking?!

  • Anonymous

    Japanese voices, tentacles … and the women are still safe. Seriously, this is quite interesting.

  • Anonymous

    Take off the tinfoil hat and let the craziness OUT!

  • John Sparks

    The telekinetic inefficiencies of propriety intellectual thesis’s such as this is the converging cataclysmal manifestation of this modern conundrum. I would venture to see institutional diagnostics forward this to a great magnification!

  • Ultra Fem

    Be nice if we could see it…