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George R.R. Martin To Develop New Series for HBO, Because It’s Not Like He Has Other Obligations Or Anything

What the new series will be, we know not. But under a contract George R.R. Martin just signed with HBO, he’ll be doing one.

Under the “two-year overall deal,” writes Deadline,

Martin will continue as co-executive producer on Game Of Thrones, whose Season 3 premieres March 31. Additionally, he will develop and produce new series projects for the network.


Martin has some TV production experience, having served as producer, writer, and executive story consultant on the ’80s Beauty and the Beast series starring Linda Hamilton and a lion’ed up Ron Perlman. He also wrote some episodes of the ’80s reboot of The Twilight Zone in addition to penning two (excellent) episodes of Game of Thrones.

I can’t begin to imagine what this new series would be. And… look, don’t take this the wrong way, George. But I kind of hope you’re not involved in it all that much. Like, I want you to come up with the idea and work with a bunch of other greatly talented people to get the basic story and characters together, and then I want you to step away. You can drop by and write an episode every once in a while like you do with Game of Thrones.

Not that I don’t think you’d do a good job, George. Far from it. But I’d really like you to finish A Song of Ice and Fire before you die. I know I’m not alone here.

(via: The Wrap)

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  • Anonymous

    Ugh! He needs to stop and just stick to GoT! And forget about companion books and map books and concentrate on the series! SLAPS!

  • Jennifer Berntson

    I am pretty disappointed in this article. Obviously I am eagerly awaiting more Song of Ice and Fire books… but I am so tired of GRRM’s supposed fans feeling like they have the right to dictate what he does with his time.

  • Sign Ahead

    Please, oh please let it be Tuf Voyaging. I would love to see Haviland Tuff and Tolly Mune on TV.

  • Jeremy Pennini

    WTF, get back to work writing the next book!

  • TheBoost

    Get back to writing another book where my favorite characters don’t appear or aren’t mentioned for 1,200 pages!

  • Anonymous

    You know, I could actually see that being really enjoyable.

  • Caroline Niziol

    Newsflash: George doesn’t owe you anything.

  • Ri Vad

    Yes, he can do whatever the hell he wants. He’s his own person and he’s GRRM for F’s sake… but that doesn’t mean I don’t share in the article’s sentiment. So want him to finish the Game of Throne series.

  • Anonymous

    My foolish fool’s heart wants to believe it is Fevre Dream. There’s no way it could be but oh please oh please be Fevre Dream

  • Malacrass

    And I’m so tired of ASoIaF’s supposed fans feeling like they have the right to dictate that other people be happy — even if the series never gets completed — so long as Martin is happy. Why do you place Martin’s happiness ahead of your own? Why do you feel like you *owe* GRRM that? Who is he to you compared to the people that truly love and care about *you* as opposed to what you’ve done for them? Have you not compensated him, both financially and in terms of the praise you have given him either directly or through encouraging others to experience his work?

    Nobody sane believes Martin owes them in the sense that he should write Ice & Fire books without enjoying any of the rewards of doing so. But there is a real, economic demand for the product, and Martin is undersupplying (the economic implication being that he doesn’t believe he’s being appropriately compensated for quality Ice & Fire books delivered in less than five years, an accusation with implications I’m sure no GRRM fan wants him to be associated with).

    Yes, this is where you break out the handy dandy “You can’t rush art” buzzphrase. How’d that work for Feast and Dance? “Just fine! I thought both of them were just as good if not better than the first three books!” or “You have to understand the natural development of a story. The middle is never going to be as good as the beginning or the end.” Heard those before too.

    Incidentally, one can be a fan of a man’s work and not a fan of the man himself. In the very same industry, Orson Scott Card is considered a detestable human being by many of the same people who have derived a huge amount of joy from his books. The idea that loving a man’s work demands one love the man is simple and shallow and violated by countless examples in all walks of life, yet “GRRM fans” often hold onto it for dear life.

  • Jennifer Berntson

    Ok, but my personal happiness is not entirely dependent on having the next ASOIF book. It would be disappointing not to see the series finished, but I can still have a fulfilled, exciting life doing things I love without reading it. It happens; authors leave work unfinished, amazing TV shows get cancelled, life goes on. The only person whose happiness is actually, entirely dependent on what GRRM does with his life is – you guessed it – GRRM.

    As for pretty much everything else, please don’t put words in my mouth that I didn’t say.