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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

In Which We Make A Terrible Pun

George Lucas On the Future of Star Wars

George Lucas sits down with LucasFilm Co-Chairman Kathleen Kennedy and PR director Lynne Hale to discuss what the future holds for the beloved franchise that he created and then subsequently screwed up. What? I’m not bitter about the prequels! Why would you say that?. As a lifelong Star Wars fan, my feelings about yesterday’s news are pretty muddled and not all positive. But watching this video has left me with, dare I say it… a new hope?

Sorry, sorry. No more bad puns today. I swear.

(via: The Disney Blog)

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  • Anonymous

    I have really mixed feelings about all of this. I didn’t hate the prequels like seemingly everybody did but I’ll be the first to admit George Lucas wasn’t the filmmaker he used to be (very briefly). My main problem with him leaving the franchise isn’t that I’m gonna miss his voice but that I think that rarity helped making Star Wars into something special. I don’t want Star Wars to become like the James Bond franchise and have movies every 2-3 years for decades to come. I don’t want the series to be re-booted, with somebody else playing Han Solo. I don’t want the series to be “edgy” because that’s what the kids like these days. If the series is to be continued, it has to have the same sensitivity that Lucas had when he created the universe, having darkness being the spice of a lighthearted series, without ever becoming the main course.
    I think the only filmmaker I would be excited to see a Star Wars film from would be Spielberg. He’s been wanting to do one for a long time and he has the same movie references than Lucas. He wouldn’t try to make an homage to the first trilogy, which might tempt younger filmmakers who grew up with the films.

  • Gern

    Slightly off topic, but the man’s giving the billions he made on this to charity. That’s pretty damn great.

  • MGR

    I hope they tap Joss Whedon to write the new movies

  • Rebecca Pahle

    I’d be surprised if Whedon has time to time a vacation over the next few years, never mind helm another franchise.

  • Anonymous

    So, clone Joss Whedon then, are we agreed on this? Let’s get some scientists on this, maybe a Kickstarter….