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Allow us to explain.

i'll just leave this here

General Zod Is A Sorority Girl [VIDEO]

[Editor's Note: Warning, this video contains very strong, NSFW language.] Wow, Michael Shannon. Wow. Here, take this. In case you haven’t heard this story yet, what the actor is reading is a real email written by a sorority president to her sisters. The woman ripped them a new one for some…something…look, anything I can say here will leave me looking like I dislike sororities, and I don’t, so I’ll just shut up. You watch now.

And if you’d like to hear a more literal, rather than dramatic, reading of the infamous email, Alison Haislip has you covered.

(via Everywhere)

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  • Gordon Borland

    I am really scared and I’m not sure why

  • Anonymous

    Hilarious and terrifying. Mostly terrifying. D:

    No. All terrifying.

  • Anonymous

    It’s quite okay to dislike Sororities and Fraternities…

  • Kate

    I am SO happy that I never got involved in a sorority. Who in the world thinks that living in such a hypercritical environment like this is healthy?

  • Marie

    Ha! This is awesome and in a completely different way than Alison Haislip’s.

  • amira

    this is the best thing that’s happened to me all week. I know it’s Monday but it just wont get better than THAT.

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    Damn- it’s things like this that make sororities look terrible. It makes me angry, because I hate having to spend time explaining that no, not every sorority is like that and not every sorority member is straight out of Mean Girls.
    (AKA I’m tired of morons like this making me, as a sorority member, look bad by sheer association)

  • Janelle Stevenson

    Exactly. I’m equally amused and irritated by the number of times I hear “but you don’t seem like a sorority girl”. In fact, I would say that movie and television portrayals of sorority life resemble my real experience about as much as Monica and Rachel’s apartment resembled your average real life rent controlled NYC apartment.

  • Nicole Elizabeth Currie

    Yep. Like you said, exactly. I get the exact same thing.

  • Betty Windsor

    Throw all of the awards at Michael Shannon. I had read that terrible letter and barely understood the nonsense. He is actually CONVEYING that madness. Mind blown.

  • Life Lessons

    LOL just doesn’t describe how I feel about this enough.

    I can so see this as a speech to bad troops in Superman.
    So awesome.

  • Life Lessons

    Ok, true confession. I kinda like this president. At least she is honest.