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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

We Can Be Heroes

Fictional Characters React to Occupy Wall Street

Here’s a bit of a change of pace for The Mary Sue … or is it? Generally, we don’t cover politically-related news unless it falls into exactly this scenario: when Spider-Man, Batman, and April O’Neil start showing their support for the Occupy Wall Street movement. After the jump, see which geek characters have joined the protest against income equality … and who’s part of the 1 percent!

April O’Neil, confidante of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, on her reporter’s salary and the poverty-stricken mutants with whom she hangs:

Luke Skywalker became a defender of the galaxy and a Jedi warrior. But you know where he came from? The 99 percent.

Superman is an undocumented immigrant who makes it his business to defend truth, justice, and the American way while also holding down a day job as a journalist. (Like April O’Neil!) He doesn’t have to, he just does it because he’s a super kind of guy with just his superpowers to offer.

Rorschach needs no editing to show his feelings on the matter, just a direct quote from Watchmen. He’ll still begrudgingly watch out for the 99 percent. As long as they’re not hanging out in seedy bars. Or a dog that through no fault of its own belongs to a serial killer.

Of course, not everybody’s a part of the 99% (otherwise it’d be the 100%), but some of our favorite superheroes still show their support for the people they defend. Like Batman, who uses his riches to help the people of Gotham’s 99 percent.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best example. Have another Batman:

And Comics Alliance has compiled some great examples of the 1% who are villains, giving us excellent examples of why the trickle-down theory is not effective. Here is Lex Luthor, blaming Superman, for making his happiness a little more expensive to buy:

Doctor Victor von Doom tried to steal the stolen treasure of Blackbeard the Pirate. Two wrongs don’t make a right. He’s making it very hard to root for him.

Don’t be fooled by the Kingpin’s “pulled himself up by his bootstraps” businessman act — unless “business” means “deeply entrenched in the dark world of organized crime.”

Norman Osborn is filthy stinkin’ rich … and that’s how he can develop all those evil villain toys. For himself. Really, Norm? Not going to create jobs and hire some henchmen?

Something tells me Scrooge McDuck doesn’t have any guilt. How can he? He’s got all that money to swim in! He hasn’t the time to feel guilty! Scrooge McDuck is so rich he doesn’t even have the Internet. Why? He has already bought all the interesting things he needs in the world!

And Deadpool … has no idea. He’s just Deadpool.

(Found on Comics AllianceOverthinking It, Memebase, We Know Memes, and Chris Arrant)

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  • Daniel M. Chick

    Ah, yes, haha, funny.

    Bastardizing popular comics to make them bend to my political slant? Hilarious! Maybe that’ll not alienate people like rushing the cops…

  • Anonymous

    Well done. Very Funny.

  • Tony Westover

    The April O’Neil one is hilarious. The rest are just stupid, this meme’s DOA.

  • Anonymous

    conservativ kat sez, stop addin text 2 stuff i liek or ill withhold mah productivity, u dirty hippie looters.

  • bugspotter24

    The thing is, by asking for MORE taxes on these people or those people, you’re playing right into the govt-banksters’ plan.
    Notice how NONE of these heroes said anything about ending the Fed, ending income tax, arresting the criminals responsible for the massive fraud wreaked upon the citizens of this country or of ending any and all unconstitutional wars.
    This is just another co-opt attempt disguised in “hero-solidarity”.
    Don’t be fooled.
    God Bless a Free America.

  • Anonymous

    Some people (like apparently the author of this piece) don’t quite get that inconguities I’m seeing.  Take, for example, the SpiderMan example.  Maybe Spidey can elaborate on just WHY it costs $100/month to ride the subways in NY.  Oh yeah, must be the greedy private sector at work there. 

    Or could it be the TWU (Transit Workers Union) who seem to think that every schmoe on the payroll deserves 150K/year?   God forbid we let automation take the place of unnecessary personnel.  Newsflash:  that happens in virtually every occuptation at some point, but the status quo wants to fight for keeping prices higher for everyone. 

    Anyone who doesn’t think taxes are high enough in NYC and NY State needs to have their head examined.  “The Rich” don’t have to live in NY.  And many are leaving.  Who picks up the slack?  The middle class.   Thank you, class-warfare proponents who have never understood the concept of a Phyrric victory. 

  • unpublishedguy

    Where were the superheroes of the 99% when Occupy Wallstreet was trying to work through their sleeping bag issue?

  • Billyman Gilson

    The Deadpool one is the most accurate representation of most of the “protesters” that are there.

  • kalsangikid

    There’s a different shot of Batman going around where he’s holding up a placard that says “Raise my taxes.”

  • Vladimir Vernet

    Peter Parker must have bought the Seven Day Metro Card, which costs $29.00. $29.00 x 4 weeks = $116.00, and that’s only for MTA Buses and Trains like the A,C,E or B,D,M,F lines (basically the alphabet and number lines).

  • Anonymous

  • Victoria Eden

    The Rorschach one isn’t an DIRECT quote. I whipped out my copy of Watchmen when I saw this the other day.

    It just fits so exactly to the moment with so very few changes.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Deadpool/Wade was Rob Liefeld’s lazy, stupid knockoff of Deathstroke/Slade.  Only morons like Deadpool.  You are the 0%

  • Anonymous

    The monthly unlimited is $104 at the moment, I believe. Unless it’s $107, I can never remember. But anyway, I do take issue with this one on principle, because I thought Peter avoided the subways in favor of webslinging anyway. 

  • Julianne McCartney

    Don’t be mean yo

  • Anna B

    Can I get an Iron Man “I am the 1%”? I bet that’d be wickedly funny.

  • Rick Foster

    Scrooge McDuck has been trademarked by the Tea Party.
    He is the 1%.

  • Catelynn Hermanson
  • Elke/DrHitpoint

    Just when I thought this couldn’t get anymore ridiculous and stupid. 

  • Anonymous

    It’s from the trailer

  • melashaan42

    Get this through your head – NOT EVERYONE WANTS EVERY ASPECT OF THEIR LIVES GOVERNED BY POLITICS.  It’s not just an “eeeevil conservative” thing, either.  This just proves my point that both sides of the sorry equation are incredibly stupid and cannot fathom going thirty seconds without being obnoxious about their opinions and demonizing others.

  • Ryan Draga

    that’s because Deadpool is the superhero equivalent of a /b/tard.

  • The Lewd Ood

    Wow — I’m amazed so many of the other commenters are actually getting worked up about  something that’s obviously just trying to bring a little shared levity to a polarizing issue.  Methinks y’all need to lighten up a bit…

  • Victoria Eden

    Oh, yeah. I didn’t even think of the movie.

  • Victoria Eden

    Welcome to the internet!

    (Although I am a little surprised that it is occurring here. Most of the time Mary Sue commenter’s are fairly nice to each other.)

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    You know, if I’d known that I could oppress people by putting captions on stuff, I would have been doing it years ago.

  • Anonymous

    BTW, I talked to everyone else at OWS, and we’re all really sorry that we RUINED COMICS FOREVER.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think these people are from Mary Sue.  They seem to have swept in from parts unknown, with a dual mandate to oppose the 99% movement and, apparently, joy.