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Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

Game Of Thrones Producer Gives A Rough End Date For The HBO Series


Ok, fine. I know it has to end sometime but I don’t want to hear anything about the Game of Thrones series finale until like, 2025. What? I’m asking too much?

Producer Frank Doelger spoke to the Radio Times at the BAFTA awards the other day:

“[The number of series] is being discussed as we speak. The third season was the first half of book three, season four will be the second part of book three. George RR Martin has written books four and five; six and seven are pending.

“I would hope that, if we all survive, and if the audience stays with us we’ll probably get through to seven seasons.”

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but that math doesn’t quite work, does it? They split book three into seasons three and four and even if the rest of the novels were brought back down to one season each, that would leave us with eight seasons. Uh oh, you know what this means? They’re going to have to cut a lot out of Martin’s books.

You may remember Executive Producer David Benioff speaking earlier this year about how long he thought the show should run.

“Ideally, the books come out first,” Benioff told Entertainment Weekly. “We don’t want to become a show that outstays its welcome and tries to turn each book into three seasons. Part of what we love about these books, and this show, is this sense of momentum and building toward something. If we tried to turn this into a 10-season show we’d strangle the golden goose. There is a ticking clock here.”

How long do you think the show should go on to wrap up the story? We also must remember Martin’s writing speed plays at least some role. He can tell the showrunners where his story is headed but would proceeding with it on screen earlier hurt his inevitable novel releases?

(via Rolling Stone)

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  • Jon Williams

    Or they could end the HBO series with last book they have published and returnto it when the series is actually finished. It would go a lot faster if Martin would write the books instead of episodes!!! ;)

  • According2Robyn

    “They would never cancel game of thrones!”

  • Anonymous

    Season 4—Second half of book 3
    Season 5—Book 5, first half of book 4
    Season 6—Second half of book 4, first half of book 6
    Season 7—Second half of book 3 again
    Season 8—Second half of book 6
    Season 9—First half of book 7, third half of book 6
    Season 10—Book π
    Season 11—A series of short stories written by George RR Martin
    Season 12—Book 9 3/4
    Season 7 (again)—Second half of book 7

    The math could not be simpler!

  • Hannele Kormano

    I could see it working – the Scott Pilgrim movie and the last graphic novel came out within months of each other, so obviously there was a point where both were being developed independently (although with feedback from the graphic novel author). It’s neat, like an alternate universe.

    Although, that did mean that I was reading and watching at the same time, and I think that prevented me from enjoying the movie *and* the last book as much as I could have. So, with Game of Thrones, I’m taking a slightly different approach – although I have caught up with the books so far, I wasn’t reading them while there was a television series to watch. *pushes up glasses*

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Dying over “Book π”

  • Anonymous

    I could potentially see this working. The events in Books 4 and 5 happen concurrently, so it is possible to combine those books into one season. Also, there is a lot of character development in Book 4 (as opposed to dense plotting), so much of it will likely be cut for the show anyway (along with myriad characters). I am kind of surprised that HBO isn’t attempting to milk this cash cow though – ratings are still on the upswing. Or…maybe this is HBO being sneaky and increasing demand by threatening a swift conclusion to the show.

  • Anonymous

    Martin writes (actually, more like adapts) one episode per season. In no way is this delaying the release of the books. I imagine a writer, with years of experience writing for television, and adapting his own book, would not have to commit an unmanageable amount of time to writing a single episode of that adaptation per year.

  • Alexander Hooley

    Feast for Crows + Dance with Dragons = one book. Sorted. I’m one of the few people who love them both and even I think they could probably be condensed like that without too much bother.

  • Jeremy Sadler

    Since 4 and 5 take place concurrently I can see how they would condense them down to one season, which puts the numbers back in line again (seven books, seven seasons). Book 3 is dense with plot and worthy of two seasons.

  • amira

    thank god they are going to cut out a lot of Martin’s books. They spiral downward pretty quickly after book two. I have no idea how the books will end and I’m pretty sure neither does Martin. But what I do know is that it’s going to be pretty bad. prreeeetay prreeeetay prreeeetay bad.

    … and it’s nearly impossible to explain why without getting crazy spoilery. ugh!

  • Sydney A Shepherd

    Ok if I’m doing my math even roughly right that still is 5 yrs later than when the series should sort of end…depending on when George finishes the series itself (hopefully sooner rather than later). Perhaps even a yr or two longer than I expect but 2025…?! Are we not getting certain seasons for a few yrs?! I don’t think HBO is down for hiatuses as long as a few years even with the delay from his writing.

  • lee prew

    You know, I put off getting into Game of Thrones. Reasons being I knew I’d fall in love and then be somehow disappointed, as is the case with nearly all TV shows I seem to really like. The cruelty of finally succumbing and falling hook, line and sinker (the best TV show ever) and after catching up (over a couple of days of almost non-stop watching) to find out that there is a possibility that the series may have to finish before the story concludes…. I’m getting ready to glue puppies and dolphins to the table before I flip it so frickin hard! Oh I’ll do it. I’ll do it!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want to think about it yet although book readers will be ahead of the poor sods who only watch tv for a living, by about what? 2 years for the end?

    I never thought they would do more than 7 seasons and to be frank, I think Book 4 can be pretty much reduced to 3 episodes all in all. They already shouldn’t have separated Book 3 into 2 seasons because the mid season was… soft in parts. Lots of filler with T&A, Theon Torture Porn etc. Anyway, it’s an adaptation, everyone who want them to go verbatim on screen from the books should just give up and read.

  • Kathryn

    2025? I think if the show continues as it has during Season 3, it will be cancelled long before then.

    Season 3 has been rather dire so far, Martin’s episode (last week’s) being one of the worst.

  • Anonymous

    Looking at another HBO series inspired by a book series, True Blood. Look how different it is from the original books. You expect these changes, and honestly I don’t mind them. Some times they fix things, some times they ruin things. This is the reality we live in.

  • Aundrea Singer

    I read a summary of books four and five on Wikipedia, and I was horribly disappointed by what it said, to the extent that I’m kind of dreading the later TV seasons if they go that route.

    I have to admit I got the distinct impression that G.R.R.M was making the books up as he went along when it felt like he’d lost track of the Dire Wolves. Not to mention that unless I’m way off (and please feel free to hint if am), it seems that there are a hell of a lot of sub plots/characters that don’t end up really mattering to the overall arch of the plot.

  • Erica M.

    If it takes to long, wouldn’t some of the child actors become far to old? Otherwise 10 seasons sounds good to me!