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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Winter Is Coming

Yeah, We Choose House Targaryen [Game of Thrones]

What? Dragons.

HBO has offered five new “trailers” for the new season of Game of Thrones, promising, nay, ordering you to take advantage of the opportunity to choose your house. Isn’t there supposed to be a special hat for this? Anyway, this is the internet, so choosing means sharing, and what you get for sharing the video on your Facebook wall is entered into a sweepstakes for some autographed merch and a set of all the books signed by George R. R. Martin.

Four more below the jump!

(via MTV Geek.)

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  • Anonymous

    I pledged to House Stark. I didn’t know about the contest, though. 

  • Kate Dollarhyde

    Yeeeaah, I’m gonna back the lady with the dragons, thanks.

  • Jill Oliver

    But But But, I’m for a Targaryen/Stark alliance. I want both of them. Especially with knowledge from all the current books.

  • Mer C.

    What about Tyrion? I hardly think it is fair to lump him in with all the Lannisters. That said, I am really starting to turn a corner in my appreciation of Daenerys.

  • John Wao

    Winter is Coming!

  • Wulfy

    Given that the Stark that I really liked is no longer around, I have to go with Targaryen. And no it’s not because I’m madly in love with Daenerys. Well ok, mostly not cos of that. Well ok, entirely because of that – but she’s gorgeous and has dragons, the two most important qualities in a person!

  • Francesca M

    I walked away from the series at the end of the first episode and now I”m like… uh maybe I should go back because she seems really cool.

  • April Sutter

    Who in the hell would pick anything but House Targaryen!?  I finally watched this show last weekend in one sitting and was immediately drawn to her.  I liked everything about her and thought she was such a badass.  Furthermore, I told my boyfriend when we get a cat we are naming it Khaleesi.  I was pretty sad about her husband tho :(

  • Kaarel Jakobson

    I’m rooting for Stannis myself. Bit of an asshole, but I’m okay with that.

  • Anonymous

    House Greyjoy!  “We do not sow.”  Can’t wait to meet whatever they’re calling one of my favorite characters!

  • Life Lessons

    Can I vote for Brienne of Tarth? :)

  • Kate Fehr

    Needs more onions.

  • Åsa M Larsson

     The Giant of Lannister!!! My undying love and loyalty!