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It’s A Christmas Miracle! – DC Comics Rehires Gail Simone For Batgirl

Ok, first of all, don’t get excited about the image. I chose it for obvious reasons, my head is spinning and I have no idea what the hell is going on. Ok, I kind of know what’s going on and it’s that Gail Simone is back on Batgirl at DC Comics after being unceremoniously fired two weeks ago. WHAT IS HAPPENING I AM SO CONFUSED?!?! 

Simone had hinted at some big news coming yesterday, big news that pertained to DC, and that would probably break the internet. And boy, she wasn’t kidding.

I’m sorry, what? What did that mean? Was this a joke? She quickly followed up with:

And then I promptly named her the meanest meaner that ever meaned. I quickly took to Simone’s tumblr to see this message:

BATGIRL, baby!

Thank you to DC for this privilege, and a million thank yous to everyone who wanted to see this happen.


So, this is really happening. My first thought was perhaps she was going to write one of the other Batgirls but that’s not the case. Simone followed up on just a few questions from fans as to the fate of the title. When asked if fill-in writer Ray Fawkes will still be doing his planned issues she replied:

I didn’t know Ray Fawkes when he was announced as the full-in writer…but all my friends were RAVING about him. I got to speak to him a little bit by email, he could not have been nicer. A real gentleman. I can’t wait to read his other work…honestly, people I really respect won’t shut up about it.


He is doing issues 17 and 18, I return on 19.

And that’s basically where we’re at today. Simone seems overjoyed at the news, as are fans, albeit still a bit confused since they have no idea how this all went down. No word on whether or not the editor who initially let Simone go from the title will be overseeing her continued work. “I promise. DC did a nice thing here. A happy thing, and there’s more news coming I can’t tell yet, but soon. ALL good news,” she writes. “It’s been a roller coaster for sure, but the endless support here and on Twitter and elsewhere made everything worthwhile and now things are better than I could have hoped for and I’ll be talking about all of it soon!”

As for the actual stories we’ll be seeing, Sue from DC Women Kicking Ass asked Simone if the stories she had already written were going forward. She said there would be new issues instead with two of her previous stories being worked in some how down the road. It’s not clear whether that includes her new planned transgender character.

And now she’s back to talking about things like Batpickles on Twitter so things are back to normal?

Thoughts? Concerns? GIF reactions?

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  • Carmen Sandiego

    I think DC noticed a HUGE backlash and did the smart thing, admitting their grievous error by re-hiring her. Bravo, internet, and Simone. Bravo and Brava.

  • Kash Mitaukano

    It’s the first time fan outrage seems to have worked on DC I’ms o happy to have her back!

  • Brian McDonald

    I think the fairly substantial amount of PRO outrage also played a significant part. DC basically told every creator out there that even if you’re wildly popular and much beloved, you’re just a part that be replaced. Which, given the New 52′s revolving creator fracas in the early months, was probably not that much of a surprise. But a LOT of people have been vocal supporters of Simone throughout her career, and if it could happen to her…

    I’m very happy for her. I’m really glad DC listened to its fans and creators, and not to the gibbering madness on the other side of this.

  • Anonymous

    Well this was a pleasant surprise. I may not be reading Batgirl but I do know the book has been on a strong run under Gail SImone. Comics books, despite DC’s best efforts, are very much creator driven and a writer that loves the character zie is writing can produce fantastic things. You can’t just chop and change and expect everything to carry on the same.

    I still have no idea what DC are playing at, but I don’t think DC knows what DC is playing at either…

  • Andrew Kilian

    Is DC becoming insane or just jerking us around? What’s going on? Is the Joker now running editorial?

  • MattNat

    See a picture of Stephanie Brown for a story: Get excited!!
    Story is about Gail and Babs-Batgirl: Disappointed all over again.

  • Troy Baer

    Figures this would happen right *AFTER* I tell my local comics shop to stop all my DC pulls after February…

  • James Schee

    Good for Gail as I know she loves the character. I’ve enjoyed her run so look forward to more. Yet wouldn’t have minded, provided a good writer was picked, a new voice given that Gail has been Babs voice approaching a decade now. But this is cool news none the less. Not gonna speculate on what happened to change this, it’s all guess work, that will likely never be known and isn’t my business anyway.

  • James Schee

    Only negative? Gail shouldn’t tweet and drive! It isn’t safe! :)

  • Brian Adkins

    I literally LOL at this cause I was so happy for her. :-)

  • Kathryn

    Eh, keep ‘em stopped. Getting Gail back doesn’t change DC’s behaviour at all. They’ll still act like they have been doing.

  • Nick Gaston

    The Joker running editorial? Nonsense! The Joker lives in US—he lives, and he lives forever. In the hearts and minds of the fans who wouldn’t stand for having their fun spoiled; the ones who finally snapped after being pushed too far, one bad day; the ones who announced over pirated cel signals that they were releasing aerosolized DDID into a random WB office every hour on the hour until the editorial decision was rescinded…

    What? Don’t look at me like that…why so serious?

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’ll be the bad guy here. I love the impact Gail Simone has made on the comic book industry but I really do not like her Batgirl stories. I miss the Babs Gordon from the fist Birds of Prey story arc she wrote. I know she changed how she wrote Barbara for the New 52 on purpose and people seem to like it.

    I would have preferred to see the other projects Simone was working on that wouldn’t be under DC’s scrutiny. If Ray Fawkes was contracted to write a whole series for Batgirl, it would have been worth looking at. He hasn’t done as much mainstream work but his book One Soul is really fascinating.

    Score one for the fans! The bigwigs do listen! Now is it that big of a stretch to ask for Steph and Cass to come back?

  • Tony Quatermass


  • Arakiba

    DC sucks for women – women characters, women writers, and women fans.

  • Chanel Diaz

    Yay. :D

  • electrasteph

    I’m good with it. I was going to see what direction they were going with the new writer, but I was considering dropping Batgirl when she was fired. I’ll certainly stick around and keep reading if Gail is willing to keep writing..

  • onewordlong

    Hmmm, my first thought after *congratulations!* is: What does she do now?
    This is a sign of clout and power. To simply go back to writing the book is okay, it seems like she could/should now advocate for
    ways to improve DC where it is failing? More female creators, more
    editors in tune with the reading publics’ wants, storylines and
    characters that avoid the same tired and oft’ cited white/male/power
    I’d like to see if she’s capable of overseeing a company-wide crossover story.
    If she’s got it in her, this should be a step toward company leadership.
    The fans/nerds have spoken, now their captain has to grab the wheel and steer the ship.

  • Carol Darnell

    Really glad to hear that DC reconsidered.

  • Anonymous

    I also dropped Batgirl from my pull list and told my comic shop that it was because of Gail’s being fired and the LCS manager offered to pass that up to Bob Wayne of DC. So I wonder how many others did the same?
    If so, that would also have an impact.

  • Anonymous

    That Scott Snyder, the guy who wites Batman, the best selling DC title, also weighed in and said “this is wrong, Gail is good”, probably had a huge effect.

  • Life Lessons

    Log live the power of the Web and fan complaints!

  • Anonymous


    But why are we not talking about Batwoman more? Because the series is just… jaw droppingly good, I can’t even.

  • Akemi Oyanedel

    Is totaly awesome she’s back!!!