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Because There Can Never Be Enough Mechas, ’70s Anime Series Gaiking Is Getting a Live-Action Movie

The giant robot-centric anime Gaiking has had a long life. Originally an animated series in the 70s, it later became part of Mattel’s Shogun Warriors toy line and screened in the US as part of the anime anthology Force Five. There was a remake in 2005 and a trio of English-dubbed movies cut from the original series a few years later. And now it’s getting its very own live-action movie courtesy of The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd.

Hurd’s Valhalla Entertainment has teamed with Toei Animation, Japan’s largest animation house, and All Nippon Entertainment Works to bring the anime to the big screen. At first glance the plot is quite Pacific Rim-esque: Humanity fights an alien invasion with giant mechas.  The main character is a former baseball star chosen to pilot the largest of the mechas, called Gaiking, because of his latent psychic powers.

The film, which doesn’t have a writer yet, is being produced by Hurd along with Toei’s Yoshi Ikezawa and Joseph Chou. This is the second time in two weeks we’ve heard about an awesome-sounding project that Hurd is working on; the first is Horizons, a WWII TV show with aliens.

Something tells me that if Pacific Rim and Gaiking are successful we might be seeing a few more mecha movies. I say bring ‘em on. Just so long as they’re good and not, like, Transformers (but with people inside!).

(via: The Hollywood Reporter)

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  • Anonymous

    If Pacific Rim is a hit I predict we’ll see a rush from Hollywood to try and buy up the rights to a bunch of giant robot anime. Would not be shocked to hear someone trying to make Gundam or Evangelion.

    It’s like the joke from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back where they predicted that Hollywood would license every superhero property in existence after X-Men and Spider-Man. And lo and behold, they were right!

  • Rebecca Pahle

    It’s the same with fairy tale retellings post-Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Hollywood sees that a concept makes money, and they proceed to beat it to death.

  • Anonymous

    If this leads to a Getter Robo G movie, my head may explode from the excitement.

  • Jamie Jeans

    Man oh man, I saw a teaser for this a couple of years ago but I haven’t heard anything more about this.

    What I did get out of it though was that the Transformers movies had a definite feel to how Gaiking here assembles, with all the moving plates of metal and gears and whatnot.

  • Jamie Jeans

    HAH! Evangellion? Dude, I’ve been hearing rumours of the live action Evangellion movie since 2003, and there WAS a live action Gundam movie filmed and made in Japan only… but with western actors, for some reason.

    It was B-movie quality, unfortunately.

  • Grif

    That movie is almost so bad its good. I liked how no body in it even used the word “gundam” at all, it was basically a giant robot script with gundams inserted.

  • Christa Van

    Y’know… the confluence of all this ‘apocalypse’ stuff and mecha is Big O… or, okay, a bunch of stuff, but I wanna see a Big O movie dammit

  • Nicole Kiser

    I hope they bring Gundam over. I really feel like that’s a property that would translate well for American audiences. Plus I feel there’s a lot more leeway in the kind of story that can be written for Gundam than for Evangelion.

    That being said, I just love giant robot movies and would be happy if they got popular over here! :D

  • jGLZA

    Oh the scenes in my house when a Macross/Robotech movie gets made.