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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

Mutatis Mutandis

The X-Men of Your Wildest Fantasies

Neil Gaiman gave us the X-Men in the Elizabethan era, but Nate Hallinan has taken them to another plane entirely: the setting of medieval fantasy. I mean really: where else are you going to find an elvish Nightcrawler and a dwarvish Wolverine? I just have one problem, that’s that Hallinan lacks a fantasy interpretation Rogue, a character whose name is also a Dungeons & Dragons class, for heaven’s sake.

You can find all these pictures at Hallinan’s DeviantArt, but if you’re looking for high res detail shots of these lovely images, you should check his Facebook gallery.

(via io9.)

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  • Yvette Russell

    I want this to be a reality, SO HARD.

  • Anonymous

    What job class would Rogue be if she was D&D? Is there something similar or creatively adaptable to her power set?

  • frodobatmanvader

    Gotta love Nightcrawler’s dashing look.

  • Sara Goodwin

    Where is my Gambit? :-) He’s the X-Men love of my life.

  • ACF

    Spellthief is the closest I can think of.

  • Anonymous

    Storm looks a bit like Angel Coulby, which I would be totally fine with. Yeah, she’s British, but British Xavier has worked out well.

  • Anonymous

    What about the Brotherhood?
    Magneto – Sorcerer
    Toad – Bullywug
    Blob – Ogre
    Sabertooth – Werewolf
    Quiksilver – Human Monk
    Scarlet Witch – Fey Enchantress

  • Thalestris

    These are so beautiful!!

    (Why is Jean Grey an archer? I can see how her telekinesis would make her hella accurate, and also bend the bow for her if she is too weak to pull it herself — I remember seeing it alluded to a few times in the comics that she’s rather weak physically but can use her telekinesis to offset that particular disadvantage — but as far as what she’d WANT to do? I don’t see her as very warlike, frankly. I see her as more a woman of learning or politics.)

    I do not relish imagining Nightcrawler in a medieval-fantasy context, though — he already has problems enough with people reacting badly to his appearance in the current-day 616 universe! (Though his outfit *is* great, and it *would* give him the chance to live out his Errol Flynn fantasies…)

    Order of X. Bad. ASS!

  • Anonymous

    Jean is an archer because her powers are ranged, not melee.

  • Thalestris

    Well, yes, if she’s to be in combat at all, I can see how being an archer would suit her, but I’m not sure I see her as primarily a combat character. Like, she can use her powers in a fight, sure, but if you were making a character and your primary objective was to reproduce Jean Grey, I don’t think I would make her any kind of fighter. Combat isn’t a specialty of hers, as it is for Wolverine, or acrobatics is for Nightcrawler.

  • Anonymous

    Nightcrawler: Order of X vigilante by night, hooded and cowled monk by day?
    It’d give him a disguise and he’s already catholic…

  • Abel Undercity

    If you’re an X-Man, sooner or later you’re going to get into a scrap. I mean, hell, the New Mutants put Cipher into combat situations, which makes no tactical sense whatsoever.

  • Joanna

    Not to be picky but how does Wolverine have adamantium claws in medieval times?

  • TheChief

    Reminds me somewhat of that Marvel 1602 series that Neil Gaiman wrote.

  • Natalie Willoughby


  • MeatyStakes

    Yeah, not really feeling Jean with the Archer archetype. The author explains he wanted to make her stronger, in that physical sense. But I kinda feel it misses the point of Jean a bit, she is all brains, her mind is her weapon, she doesn’t need to be physically strong. She can kill you with her brain.

  • MeatyStakes

    Yeah, but that doesn’t mean the essence of the character should be put aside, I mean, we can have both; it’s not mutually exclusive.

  • MeatyStakes

    Come on, he even calls Jean “weak” in his dA description; that’s missing the point. Sometimes people have valid criticisms, you know. And it’s only again one piece and about an one interpretation I don’t particularly agree, not a dismissal of his entire work.

    But yeah, awesome design and all, I still don’t see Jean with the Archer archetype.