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Fan Favorite Walking Dead Comic Character Has Been Cast For The AMC Series

No matter what happens on next week’s episode, AMC’s The Walking Dead has just ensured my viewership for the foreseeable future. A character from Robert Kirkman’s Image comic, who’s yet to make it to the small screen (but should have by now), has just been cast. Have you guessed yet? Hit the jump to find out which character and who has been chosen for the role. [Spoilers for casting.]

Rumors had been floating around for a while but now TV Line is reporting AMC has cast Chad Coleman, of The Wire fame, as Tyreese! And now, I will never picture anyone else in the role.

When The Walking Dead first aired on AMC, fans of the comic assumed Tyreese had been replaced by the character T-Dogg. Turns out, they were just waiting for the right moment to bring him in.

Here’s a little background information from the comics. Tyrese had actually joined the survivors early on in their travels from Atlanta. Along with his daughter Julie and her boyfriend Chris, he quickly became an important part of the group. He was also an ex-NFL player and much like Rick, has had to make hard choices along the way. He’s easy on the eyes and develops a relationship with Carol, and later, Michonne in the series. We have no details on the character as far as the television show goes but from what we’ve seen so far we can expect at least a few deviations.

Are you familiar with the actor? Are you excited Tyreese is joining the cast?

(via IndieWire)

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  • Anonymous

    So…should the group just start digging Oscar’s grave now and save time?

    Snark aside, FINALLY!

  • Kal

    Yeah I agree. I am afraid that Oscar won’t live much longer because God forbid! that there be more than one black man on a cast of any given show. I thought it was tasteless that the writers had him join the group almost immediately after T-dog is killed. If TWD keeps him, Tyrese, and Michonne alive over the course of at least 2 seasons, I will be impressed.

  • Kal

    I am glad that Tyrese will be joining the show. I just hope that they make good use of the character. I do worry though that Oscar won’t live much longer.
    A bit off topic, but is anyone else disturbed at the fandom’s behavoir this week regarding Maggie and Glenn being kidnapped?

  • Anonymous

    I was too busy being disturbed by the fandom’s reaction to Andrea.* What happened with the reaction to Maggie/Glenn?

    *Yes I know Andrea is awful, but the fandom seems to make it about her being a ‘slut’ and that ain’t the reason she’s useless.

  • Kal

    [[TRIGGER WARNING]] On IMDB forums, everyone seems to be obsessed with the idea of Maggie being raped to a disturbing degree and they almost seem excited about it . To me it feels like a way to beat Maggie down for daring to be a strong woman earlier in the season. Others are saying that more females need to be raped in the show for it to be realistic and that the zombie apocalypse is not all fun and games. (And earlier many wanted it to be Michonne) They also seem to ignore that it could be Glen that it happens to. I really wish that they would just keep it out of the show because it seems like people want it to happen as a way of punishing the female characters because they are no longer doing the “womanly duties”.

  • John Wao

    Cool on both counts. The actor and the character.

  • GDI

    In the comic, Michonne does end up raped and brutally beat. Her vengeance on the character is terrifying and sadistic. The minutia of the torture scene becomes repulsive. Hopefully the exposure of every characters actions being morally grey (as opposed to the polar right/wrong) was Kirkman’s intention. [/end spoiler]

    As for wanting a more “realistic” approach to the zombie apocalypse, gratuitous rape is not the place to start. Those numbnuts have no idea of what they speak of. The show takes so many liberties with reality that it’s childish to think that rape would make it more realistic. It won’t.

  • Brian Buckler

    THIS GUY was absolutely killer on The Wire.