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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


First Full Clip From The Avengers Features Only Black Widow and Agent Coulson (But That’s All We Need)

One month out from the film’s US release, and Marvel Entertainment appears to be leaning hard on keeping buzz for The Avengers going, and we’re not ones to complain. This scene lasts less than a minute, and is mostly fight scene, but surely counts as a spoiler to somebody, so it’s behind the jump.

(via Comics at the Movies.)


  • Anonymous

    These movies are great, but Coulson adds that little something to make them even better. Clark Gregg is awesome.


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  • Eric Lindberg

    I still hate that she doesn’t have a Russian accent. But pretty funny scene.

  • Molly D

    I like to think of it as, she’s just so good she can speak without an accent. It makes it okay in my head lol. 

  • Anonymous

    As soon as she broke that chair, my brain went, “And now she’ll stake them with it!” Oh, Joss Whedon!

  • Mark Wyman

    “..Barton has been compromised.”   Yeah, like that doesn’t happen at least 3 times a day anyway.

  • Life Lessons


  • Keiv M. Salmon

    why must this be an entire month away?

  • sarah durand

    Joss writes the best stuff for his ladies, how I love him so :)

  • JaneR

    Can we concentrate on the face Coulson is making while ON HOLD? “Fighting in the background… innovative hold melody, very Natasha… on hold… still on hold… I wonder what’s for dinner in cafeteria”

  • Anonymous

    Can I just say that I’m insanely happy that I stumbled across this clip on The Mary Sue before yahoo put it up? The comments and headlines there (and elsewhere) have been equal parts infuriating and idiotic. Honestly, if I see one more article that reads something like “SCARLET JOHANSSON HAS BOOBS IN THIS AVENGERS CLIP!” I’m going to start setting things on fire.

    I mean, come on! Natasha is literally beating people senseless with her hands tied and cutting her mission short to help out a team member (effortlessly finding a balance between being a badass and caring human being) and all the mainstream reporters have to say is, “hey, she’s wearing sexy things!” Let’s not talk about how, in less than a minute, multiple facets of her character are laid out with humor and style. Let’s just objectify the hell out of her because she’s wearing a little black dress. I mean, I can (grudgingly) put up with that kind or ‘reporting’ when there really isn’t anything else to talk about, but that isn’t the case in this clip. Not at all. Grrrr. Just…grr.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is: This site makes me feel better about humanity. Also, sorry for ranting all over everyone.

  • Anonymous

     But she doesn’t have a Russian accent in the comics, either. Even when she was dating Daredevil, back in the day, they made a point of saying that she’d Berlitz’d it away.