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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

+2 Cha -2 Str

That’s Gonna Be -2 CON Damage: Warner Bros. Just Acquired the Movie Rights to Dungeons & Dragons

Buckle up. One of hallowed bastions of nerddom with one of the worst records at making a related movie that is in any way watchable has just been optioned for another adaptation. That’s right. Warner Bros. wants to make a Dungeons & Dragons movie.

From Deadline the heralds come with news: Warner Bros. seeks gallant scribes to forge it a great movie production, or at least a half decent script. But it seems the heralds have been out paced by events, as the WB already intends to use a previously acquired script called Chainmail after a Gary Gygax created game that preceded D&D.

The studio is actually quite far along in the development of the project, as it will use a script by Wrath Of The Titans and Red Riding Hood scribe and Frank Darabont protege David Leslie Johnson. That script, Chainmail, was acquired last year as a free-standing project, based on an obscure game that was also hatched by D&D designer Gary Gygax before he and Dave Arneson launched D&D. It is being retro-fitted to fit the much bigger game creation. The film will be produced by The Lego Movie producer Roy Lee and Courtney Solomon. The latter actually directed a 2000 Dungeons & Dragons feature, a film that starred Jeremy Irons and did not do well.

So… that seems like a really, ah… promising creative pedigree. Just don’t ask me to elaborate on what it promises. I’d intended to make a joke here about the “silent archer” archetype, but lets face it, the most authentically D&D thing about this movie will probably be that it will contain… a dragon. Lets just watch the Doubleclicks and promise to make time for another session of our ongoing campaign soon.

(via Deadline.)

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  • Sprainogre

    It might be not a steaming pile. I don’t think it’ll be good, but maybe not a steaming pile…

  • Anonymous

    Movies that should never have a remake:
    - Citizen Kane
    - Taxi Driver
    - Dungeons & Dragons
    You just can’t mess with classics!

  • Anonymous

    the problem with doing a Dungeons and Dragons movie, or indeed a WoW movie, or any movie with even the slightest bit of participant related material is that you will never match the experience of the target audience because it will be impossible to echo their experience. The best they could do, is take something along the original Dragonlance series and make that into a series of movies….

    And while it will feature a Dragon, don’t forget that it will also include a Dungeon.

  • Anonymous

    One word.
    Get the rights, spend the money, and do it right.

  • Emily Neenan

    If you want a good Dungeons and Dragons movie, watch The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. If you want a good D&Desque webseries (also works for general fantasy) check out JourneyQuest. Both by ZOE. I’ll be hella impressed if Warner Bros can even compete with those.

  • Anonymous

    Actually the second D&D movie “D&D: Wrath of the Dragon God” is extremely watchable. It’s actually like watching a campaign. It starts with the backstory, the heroes gather, a low level adventure, and onwards. It also fills out all of the party roles as well with the barbarian being a woman.

  • Pink Apocalypse

    MY SHELF !!!


  • Anonymous

    The same way we break into your house every night.

  • Craig Oxbrow

    With an automatic lock-in if you don’t get the crystal!

  • Brian

    Fun fact: Marlon Wayans recorded the entirety of his role for Dungeons and Dragons in just five days, then flew off to make Requiem for a Dream and do work that earned him an actual shot at an Oscar nomination. I don’t want to blame D&D for his disappointing career, but…

  • Nick Gaston

    I’d just buy the rights to Krull, upconvert it to 3D, and retitle it “Dungeons and Dragons” for a theatrical release.

    Honestly, that couldn’t be much worse a result, and it’d be cheaper.

  • Amy W

    Have you seen The Gamers: Dorkness Rising that Emily Neenan mentioned in a comment above? It’s pretty much got the “match the experience of the target audience” thing down.

  • Shoshana B

    It can’t be worse than the LAST Dragonlance movie!

    …can it?

  • Aeryl

    Do it live action to start with, and get Angelina Jolie to play Kitiara.(OK that’s my dreamcasting from 10 years ago, but she’d have been AWESOME!)

  • Russ Rosin

    So Warner Bros, has the rights to make branded generic Fantasy Movies? I realize there’s a lot of worlds in the D&D universe, but they’re too dense and would only be really appeal to a small minority.

    A D&D movie needs to really be somewhere between Ocean’s 11 and Lord of the Rings in terms of tone.

    That being said, a Planescape movie would be awesome.

  • Gemma Arcadian

    This means that my longtime dream of a Batman-D&D Crossover may actually come to pass.

  • Lady Viridis

    Indeed. My group tends to play mostly Pathfinder now, but while our games are enormously entertaining, they’re usually nothing like a “standard D&D game.” Most of the games I’ve done haven’t really been like the stereotype of D&D. And given that the worldbuilding is usually generic fantasy to allow the widest range of player possibilities, I don’t think the world of D&D itself is really interesting enough to support a movie. You could maybe do something with DragonLance. Maybe. Although as I understand it those stories are still really generic and seem unlikely to draw in audiences.