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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

where does he get those wonderful toys

Man Repaints Harry Potter, Twilight, LOTR Dolls To Spectacularly Realistic Effect

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  • Lindsey Stock

    Wow. I never noticed just how flat and lifeless these dolls actually were until seeing this guy’s amazing paint jobs. Unfortunately, I’m only able/willing to spend about a fraction of that price for collectibles, so I guess it’s flat faces for me. $30 is pretty much my limit, unless it’s really really way super cool, in which case I might go up to $50 and give up my morning yogurt for a month.

  • Matt Graham

    Dang, I want that Bella. Then I’d find some bad-ass armor from a hobbyist customizer and make Snow White.

  • [A]

    Aragorn’s tan..

  • [A]

    ..and then you’d marry it


  • Matt Graham

    If they threw in the Adventureland outfit, maybe.

  • Brian Adkins

    I was recently at HEROES AREN’T HARD TO FIND in Charlotte,N.C. and they have quite a few great sculptures/figures.

  • Anonymous

    Pity the hair on Legolas looks so terrible that not even the amazing repaint can fully save it. :/

  • [A]

    I hear ya.

  • theothermagdalene

    This makes me ridiculously happy.

  • Stacia Evonne

    I think I’ve seen this guy’s work around DA, and it IS amazing <3.

  • Matt Graham

    I feel the same way with collecting commissioned art at comic cons. Except I sometimes convince myself to add more to the budget when an opportunity comes up. I regret nothing!

  • John Wao

    This guys going to be rich.

  • Life Lessons

    Wow. Oh wow!! I want all of those dolls! Well done sir!!!!

  • Wolf SilverOak

    Oh yes, that Sideshow Collectables Loki Sixth Scale figure…
    It’s awesome and has been delayed a month on me already. Now I’m looking at it as a birthday gift to myself if I’m lucky.}:P BUT! It will be mine.

  • Nicole Kiser

    I know this guy! I’ve seen his stuff on dA! ( Very impressive work. He said a lot of the head sculpts are really well done, it’s just the paint job that’s poor. :)

  • Anonymous

    Tiny Harry potter in a straightjacket – that’s hilarious!

    Seriously, though – how? How does he do this? Amazing work.

  • Rose – HeroineJewelry

    Wow, that is amazing! The dolls look just like the actors thanks to him!

  • Stephanie Eversole Vandenburg

    I think the transformation of Captain Jack Sparrow’s action figure is the most amazing of them all.

  • Anonymous

    Is it my computer, or is Harry Potter’s scar missing?

  • Anonymous

    i dunno the others seem a lot more drastic — Voldemort’s in particular, id’ say, truly transformed.

  • Anonymous

    In the words of Bender- That new robot is great, huh? It sure made me look like a pile of crap.

  • Glenda Vick


  • nadhira amalia

    oh my god, this is aweeeesomeee <3 please make hunger games toooo

  • Anonymous

    its not, its just under the hair

  • Ariadna Quijano

    WOW. Aragorn, Arwen, Legolas… Captain Jack Sparrow!! Amazing!!

  • E.V. Emmons

    Wow, this guy is incredibly talented. It’s amazing what he can do to make those dolls look so real. The Jack Sparrow one in particular, I was stunned at how real it looked when he was done.

  • Anonymous

    i have molder and amy doll and micheal jackson and there so life like i tripped out those are the most realisic dolls ive ever seen.

  • Phil Boswell

    No, you can see the scar in one of the in-progress pictures. His eyes
    don’t look nearly green enough for me, though…

  • Ronnie Moye

    You guys should check out Darren Carnall. He does AMAZING repaints and scuplts like this (only better, imo).

  • Anonymous

    This is fucking fascinating. I could look at this stuff all day, there is something SO mesmerizing about it…