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Doctor Who Director Teases Taking The Show Underwater; Return of An Old Foe

Ok, I’m using this picture only because it’s the first thing that came to mind when I thought of Doctor Who and water, but otherwise it has nothing to do with the news about this particular Mark Gatiss-penned episode of next season. The Impossible Astronaut is not, so far as I can tell, the “classic” monster that’s rumored to return.

I will be talking about the rumored identity of this monster in a few paragraphs, so read at your own risk!

Douglass MacKinnon, director of an episode in this coming spring’s season of Who, talked about his work with water to Doctor Who Magazine recently:

Without a doubt, if ever there were a team effort that has made an episode work, it was that one. Just the safety elements alone, with water flowing around… The gaffers, and the Electrical Department, and the practical effects guys, they were all on top of that the entire time… Also, we had to remember that there was electrical circuitry on show. All that had to be shifted to 12 volts to make it safe. And there was steam, and smoke, and explosions, and guns, and everything that makes directing Doctor Who fun. I had the time of my life. And then there’s ‘the creature’ as well.

An episode of Doctor Who episode that takes place aboard a submarine or some other underwater environment is one that’s been rumored for a while now, and yes, we do live in a world where folks are so eager for Doctor Who news that an interesting setting for a future episode is all that it takes to get excitement going. But a classic monster, well, that’s an even bigger deal. The reboot has seen a lot of success with classic foes like the Silurians, Daleks, Cybermen, and the Master. Blastr says that MacKinnon’s reference to “the creature” indicates that we may be seeing the return of the Ice Warriors.

(via Blastr.)

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  • Anonymous

    The Slitheen were first on Doctor Who after the relaunch though.

  • Anonymous

    You know, I wasn’t sure if they were classic foes or not, I’d just assumed they were because they looked SO dumb. …and the farting thing.

  • Smoke Tetsu

    Yeah, the impossible astronaut is not classic and also she already returns enough as it is. :P

  • Anonymous

    Sounds more like the Sea Devils than the Ice Warriors.

  • Anonymous

    They definitely had that vibe.

  • Michael Pomare

    It does sound like the Sea Devils, which would make “the creature” the Murka – the most laughably bad television monster I’ve ever seen. Which would make make updating it very appreciated, since it was interesting idea done appallingly in the original.