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Allow us to explain.

Make It So

Petition To Give Paul McGann His Own Doctor Who Spinoff Doesn’t Have Nearly As Many Signatures As Eight Deserves

12,000 signatures is wonderful. But this petition deserves to get to six figures. Seven figures. Infinity figures.

In the wake of Paul McGann‘s Eight making a surprise appearance in that wonderful prequel minisode, a petition has popped up on in favor of Eight getting his own live-action adventures. Sure, in the years since McGann’s sole on-camera doctoral outing, a disastrous 1996 made-for-TV movie, Eight has had his own books, audio stories, and comic strips. But that’s not enough McGann. There can never be enough McGann.

Says petition creator Theodore Stone:

For 17 years, we only had the TV Movie to satisfy our appetite for a Live-Action Eighth Doctor. On the 14th November 2013, we were granted the minisode, the “Night of the Doctor”. Although we do possess a vast number of Big Finish Audio-Dramas and books, it would be a shame to never see McGann as the Time Lord on-screen again. Therefore, I have created this petition in order to drum up interest and support in order to pressure both [Steven] Moffat and McGann into making a live-action series, featuring the Eighth Doctor. It would be a shame for such a fantastic actor and Doctor to be once again confined to the past yet again. Even a web series would suffice!
This will probably never happen, but you never know unless you try!

Kudos to Stone for highlighting the web series option. A Sarah Jane Adventures-style TV spinoff is probably never going to happen, but a few more webisodes seems well within the realm of possibility. And hey, McGann said an interview with Doctor Who Online that he’d be open to it:

Well that’s the thing, they want to know if you were offered to do a mini series would you do a mini series?

Well, it’s like with the mini episode – if they send you the script and it’s good, you’ll do it. So, you know, these things are only as good as the material. So the real question is if the material was good enough and if you were available, you’d do it – cos it’s a Who!

McGann’s TV movie may be bad (And it is. Oh, it is.), but that’s not because of McGann, who was an excellent Doctor despite having very little to work with. And in the past 17 years the man has not aged—it’s almost like he really is an alien time traveller. Giving us a sweet, sweet taste of Eight with the minisode only to whisk him away again after would be too cruel. Which is very fitting with Moffat’s style, actually. But all the same, we can hope.

(via: The Hollywood Reporter)

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  • Marian Librarian

    I love Paul McGann. I liked him in Horatio Hornblower’s series, I like him as the Doctor, I even liked him as the ridiculous fop that chased Chris O’Donnell in Disney’s Three Musketeers. He has such a range of serious and playful that is perfect for the Doctor. Plus, he loves the franchise and takes care of the fans. More McGann please!!!!

  • Kelli Quinn

    YES! More online episodes with my Doctor, please please please.

  • Anonymous

    it would be wonderful!

  • Elwyne


  • Anonymous

    Done. The minisode was absolutely amazing and I’d love to see more. 8 is the Doctor I don’t really know anything about (my Classic Who adventures have only reached the 5th Doctor so far), but the very idea of seeing the fringes of the Time War is fantastic and I want more!

  • Glitchy

    First I’ve heard of the petition. Consider it signed.

  • Glitchy

    First I’ve heard of the petition. Consider it signed.

  • dawnofthenerds

    I love this idea! I do have a question though. Why do so many people hate the Doctor Who movie? I haven’t seen a lot of Classic Who, mostly the new stuff. I did notice that it’s more action-oriented than usual and that the Doctor kisses Grace, which is a first. But I really quite liked it. I’m really not the best judge, as there are very few movies I outright hate. As long as it entertains me, I’m good. What am I missing?

  • Katy

    I liked the movie too. I mean it’s definitely a product of the 90s, but it’s good. McGann’s Eight is delightful. Grace is a unique companion because she actual gets how the Tardis works from the get go. The only thing I didn’t like was Eric Robert’s as The Master, but like I said, product of the 90s. I think the hatred is two fold, but this is just my opinion. First, Grace and the Doctor kiss which was the first time romantic feelings between the Doctor and a companion had been expressed. From what I understand, the kiss was quite taboo. Second, the movie is quite American which may have upset fans. However, if the movie was successful, a series would have been picked up by Fox. It makes sense that the movie would be more American as it was trying to hook American audiences.

  • Katy

    I was wondering if others knew these two roles! I adore him in the Horatio Hornblower series. He does love the franchise, I believe he reads several of the Doctor Who audiobooks.

  • Neillbert

    A great twist would of been if Matt Smith’s regeneration turned out to be a (younger through CGI) Paul McGann. Then the new series could be set after large number of years (accounting for the ageing), then he gets to be a Doctor for real!

  • Anonymous

    The movie wasn’t that bad. It was too Americanized, but it did all that we expect out of Doctor Who – Referenced the old, name dropped historical figures, a powerful, yet compassionate and slightly insane central character, a human avatar for us in the audience, and a dastardly plot that made no sense in the real world. It may not have stacked up against the RTD era, but it was certainly better than any of the scripts that poor Colin Baker was handed during his on-screen tenure.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I grew up watching Dr. Who taped off of PBS. We’d get pizza on Saturday night, pop in Tom Baker or Sylvester McCoy, and it was amazing. There’s a particular feel to BBC video; the multiple, short parts to each episode set a unique sort of pace to the stories; and there was a unique sort of can’t-really-call-it-non-violent nature to problems and their resolution.

    Then there’s this. I get that some folks like it, but some folks like Episode 1. For me, everything about it felt wrong. Roaming gangs. Master-Ooze. Half-human Doctor. The TARDIS just looked wrong. The pacing of reveals and false leads wasn’t right. Companion romance (which always struck me as kinda skeevy, still kinda does). I don’t recall it being funny, either. Absolutely hated it, and in my head-canon, it did not even exist. On the other hand, I was 15 (but the rest of my whovian family didn’t like it either).

    I never followed McGann post-TV-Movie-Tragedy, and just seeing the new clip, I finally get what some folks saw in him. I don’t regret that they didn’t run with the series, since I think it would have been terrible, but I’d love to see more of (I even still hate to call him) Eight.

  • Anonymous

    Counting down the days until Chicago TARDIS when I can see the man himself. Actual McGann in person? I may die.

  • myname

    Lieutenant “I can’t swim”. Love him in Hornblower.

  • Anonymous

    In fairness, absolutely nothing about the TV movie actually outright contradicts established canon. (Which, admittedly, may be more a comment about how wibbly-wobbly a term “canon” actually is for Doctor Who than anything else.) But it was poorly executed in many ways.

    I consider it a testament to McGann’s performance as Eight that I love him *despite* the movie. (And honestly, the best of his audio dramas are truly some of the best Whovian stories overall.)

  • Anonymous

    I’ll save my signature for a Madame Vastra spin-off.

  • Mordicai

    I don’t know anything about him, I’m a casual Who fan, & I really liked that webisode. I’d watch more. Not like, “in theory,” I mean, really, if they made more, I’d watch it.

  • dawnofthenerds

    Thank you. This makes a lot of sense to me. I have very similar feelings about Steven Moffat’s Who. It just feels wrong in so many different ways.

  • weareallstories

    I have nothing intelligent to add to this discussion but I would like to say that having watching the mini episode hot damn Eight is by far the sexiest Doctor I’ve seen.

  • frodobatmanvader

    I even love him as the crackpot loonie who worshiped the Xenomorph as a “Dragon” in Alien³!

  • StandBy4MindControl

    Just interviewed Matthew Jacobs, who wrote McGann’s Doctor. He’s pretty excited about this petition and has a lot to say about his take on the Time Lord:

  • Chad Vincent

    Why not both?

  • Zaptoid